Pakistan to Give Visa on Arrival for Tourists from These 24 Countries

Pakistan has announced visa-free entry for multiple countries in a bid to increase the tourist base of the country.

Citizens of these countries can avail visas immediately within thirty days of their arrival.

Countries Included

The “Group Tourist Visas on Arrival” are being issued to citizens of following 24 countries.

  1. United States of America
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. China
  5. Austria
  6. Belgium
  7. Denmark
  8. Finland
  9. France
  10. Germany
  11. Greece
  12. Iceland
  13. Italy
  14. Japan
  15. Korea
  16. Luxembourg
  17. Malaysia
  18. Netherlands
  19. Norway
  20. Portugal
  21. Singapore
  22. Spain
  23. Thailand
  24. Sweden

How to Avail The Offer

The tourists from above mentioned countries can avail the visa on arrival through multiple tour operators.

To be eligible for this offer, the tour needs to be organized by designated tour operators in Pakistan. The tourists can gather information about these operators and get their list when they arrive in Pakistan.

Furthermore they can also contact immigration officers for any information regarding the offer.

Once you select the tour operator, rest of the work will be done by them. The operator will provide all your required documents along with an undertaking to FIA immigration office.

Immigration Wing FIA says;

Tourists to Pakistan are an asset for us. Immigration Wing-FIA welcomes you to Pakistan and is committed to your facilitation and making your arrivals and departures smooth and hassle-free.

In case of any complains or queries you can contact at following addresses;

You can also download the FIA immigration app for your Android or iPhone (that will be available soon).

  • Shimshal Adventure Shop

    It is a very good news.

    • Muhammad Khan

      what is good in it? Pakistan also give national identity cards to those who is not national… Pakistan it has it self a wonderful beauty but our politicians and departments are fucking bastards… ask these 24 countries that are any one of them willing to give just 15 days visit/tourist visa for any local middle class Pakistani… they will never give any visa to local Pakistani easily… i have too much to say but who cares who will notice…

  • Aamir Abbas Malik

    Very good step taken.unfotunatly only 1 Islamic country in list

    • ABC

      That is fortunately actually!!!

    • Yahan pe bhi relegion ko dal dia bech men? grow up man.

  • S.A. Khan Yousufzai

    Highly appreciated. Its high time to encourage and promote tourism in Pakistan. The economy of Pakistan has badly suffered due to war on terror and Afghan War for the last three decades. The Pakistani government has to realize the need of the day and take some positive steps like this one to promote tourism and Social Services sector in the country. Recently and international magazine has already declared Pakistan one of the safe destinations for tourists for the year 2018.These steps will further encourage tourism which will obviously help the country to overcome the trade deficit.

  • Abdul Mannan Nasir

    Yani USA ab apne agents VISA on Arrival pe bhej sakta hay…

    • Pakistani

      woh waisy bhi bhej sakty hain.

    • Bhai g hum kab sudhren gay…. !!!! pata nai. Tourism se economy ko faida hoga. Aur har tourist agent ya spy nai hota lese ap aur me terrorist nai hain common awam hain.

  • Kamal

    It is VERY OLD policy not new , probably FIA developed an APP for it so the writer thought visa on arrival (VOA) through designated tour operator is new announcement for tourist :).

    With this VOA facility tourists cannot travel independently in Pakistan . They MUST book full tour with a tour operator who submits all reports to authorities upon completion of the tour.

    • Om Novian AC

      Agree with you Kamal. I am from Indonesia already knew that info for some years ago. 😁

  • Muhammad Usman

    A nice effort to promote home tourism

  • Shabaz

    Mein nay abi is +92-51-111-345-786 number py call kia woh keh rahy hai ki unko is khabar ka baray mein kuch nai pta.

  • ooo

    can i get a visa on arrival and then go on my own whenever I want and how I want? i like travelling solo without any official touristic groups.

    • paki

      sorry not alone but if you in group still every where in pak is not allow you visit you have to take NOC from foreign office and unfortunately which is mostly nicer places that coming in that NOC matter.

    • Faizan

      You may travel with VOA if you belong to above mentioned countries ,you should better contact immigration office.Thanks.

  • ooo

    is it possible to get a visa on arrival and then travel alone? i love solo travels

  • paki

    hahhaha of cousre they will come only for suicide coz as much as i knew out side from this country people thinking pak is buffer zone….

  • arie

    that designated tour operators will gain more benefits from this policy..How about independent traveller?

  • Mudi Modi

    What is the policy for Indians to come to Pakistan there are many Indians who would love to visit the beautiful scenic places meet the honest hospitality that is world renowned.

  • Kashif Nawaz

    Great Job Government, best decision ever.

  • Federico Giulio D’Ostuni

    I’m Italian, so if I will arrive by train from Iran they wouldn’t send me back?

    • Amaad Soomro

      Please write to FIA immigration Federico. Email: [email protected]

      • Federico Giulio D’Ostuni

        Thank you Amaad, I really would love to visit Pakistan.

  • Akbar Mohamadzai

    Amriki teri ghand mey bamboo ghusakar thoktey hai aur tu besharm madarchhod soower aur kutti ki haramzada aulad US awwal list karta hai? Bhadwa chhakka chhootiya.

  • Fahad Murtaza

    Where is the photo credit. It was taken by a friend.