Pakistan Hockey Federation Makes a Blunder at World XI Welcome Event [Video]

Pakistan hockey is in doldrums for quite some time now. Periodic changes in management, poor performances in tournaments and lack of any real efforts for hockey progression are the only feats prominent in current Pakistan Hockey Federation’s (PHF) portfolio.

To better the situation, PHF invited the World XI to play a series in Pakistan.

How difficult is it to put some chairs for the game’s legends to sit in at an event that is specifically held for them? Not difficult at all, but PHF and event’s organizing team made a blunder of it.

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No Place to Sit

Along with the players, several hockey legends and hall of famers were invited to the ceremony. However, the players who are hockey’s Hall of Fame couldn’t even find chairs to sit. Take a look yourself;

The host of the ceremony can be heard saying I will be waiting very patiently till they are comfortably seated after which we will start our program. On the other hand, the Hall of Famers are continuously struggling to find any chairs. One might wonder, if the event was really held for the legends then who on earth was sitting in the chairs?

Anyway, it is rather a common practice to have dedicated sitting for chief guests. However it seems like PHF didn’t put any thoughts to it all.

Pakistan vs World XI

Pakistan and World XI faced off against each other on 19th Jan’ 2018. The first tie of two-match series was played in Karachi. Hockey players from all top countries including Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Germany, and Argentina are part of the visiting team.

The move is expected to boost the presence of the highly-ignored national game of Pakistan.