Aussie Cricket Captain Trolled on Twitter Over a Small Mistake

Social media is a tricky business for all celebrities since people are always on the lookout when someone makes a blunder and they can pounce on it. Irrespective of the magnitude of the blunder, the trolls often blow it out of proportions.

Similarly, the Australian skipper has also faced the wrath of these trolls after accidentally tagging the wrong person on Twitter while mentioning her fiance.

Smith was at Australian Open with his fiance when he decided to take a selfie and upload it on Twitter for his fans. Here’s the image:

Steve tagged @dani_willis whereas her finance’s actual Twitter handle isΒ @DaniWillis91. This gave enough ammunition to the trolls and here’s how everything went from there:

Steve why did you do it?

Never ignore an underscore these days.

Maybe, Smith should take twitter lessons from his test-match-playing-self.

Save your marriage, delete the tweet;

Following that episode, he did the right or rather a more intelligent thing not to tag his wife-to-be in the new photo? Why risk it, right.

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