Haier Introduces Two Mid-Sized LED TVs With Great Features

Haier has just introduced two new models of LED TVs in popular mid-range screen sizes.

The two models come in screen sizes of:

  • 32 inches (model number LE32K6000)
  • 40 inches (model number LE40K6000)

Both models feature great aesthetics and design.

The thin bezels on both TV models lend an attractively graceful look to its design. The TVs are likely to enhance the décor of your TV lounge or family room.

Both models come with great features that make your viewing experience memorable.


  • Resolution HD ready / full HD TVs: for sharp, well-defined images at 1366×768 as well as 1920×1080 pixels.
  • High Contrast Ratio: for natural true to life color and contrast
  • Digital Noise Reduction DNR: for crystal clear images and sound
  • Auto Volume Limiter AVL: for watching TV without the annoying volume fluctuation when switching between channels
  • HDMI Multi: for connecting all your entertainment gadgets
  • USB Video: for watching your favorite movies and programs, listening to music and to look through picture library like you do on a computer

Haier LED TVs are not only affordable but also eco-friendly, with low energy consumption all year round. In all, these TVs serve as a great entertainment center for the entire family.

  • Its too little too late. Hd ready tv in 2018??? While lg has already presented the 8k resolution. Even 1080p is becoming history now. 4k is new standard these days and main stream.
    DNR was present in samsung 2010 series 4 lcd’s. Koreans have moved foward alot in display technology since then.
    Haier is living in past. Presenting 7 year old technology as new models wow

  • Nothing new in this, all these features are available in every other Chinese TV out there. Looks like this one is sponsored article. Plz don’t waste our time by mentioning press release.

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