Govt Fires CEOs of Power Companies for Poor Performance

Chief Executive Officers of four power companies have been relieved of their duties as they failed to improve their performance after multiple warnings.

According to a Power Division spokesperson, the CEOs failed to prevent electricity theft and control losses, he said;

Targets were given to the companies to control losses. Those heads have been removed who failed to reduce losses and curb power theft

Removed Heads

Executives of the following four electric supply companies have been fired;

  • CEO of Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO)
  • CEO of Sukkur Electric Supply Company (SEPCO)
  • CEO of Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO)
  • CEO of Quetta Electric Supply Company (QUESCO)


Electricity & Gas Companies to Establish Dedicated Complaint Centres

The authorities also directed board of governors of these companies to take further action against them.

The vacant places of company heads have been filled by following individuals;

  • Mujahid Pervaiz Chatta has been appointed new CEO of LESCO.
  • Saeed Ahmed is the new CEO of SEPCO
  • Zakaulla Gundapor new CEO of PESCO and
  • Attaullah Bhutta is the new CEO of QUESCO

Talking about electricity production, Minister for Power Division Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari said that the government is working to utilize domestic resources to produce electricity. The minister says that work on 870 MW power project has been initiated in KP.

Apart from the mega project of 1,410 MW Tarbela-4 extension, the government has also been working on small hydroelectric power projects in the province as well. According to the minister, work on a 4,300 MW Dasu hydroelectric power project is also underway in KP.

Via Tribune

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