Toyota is Under Pressure to Recall All Corolla Models in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla is a very popular car in almost every part of the world, including Pakistan and is said to be one of the most budget friendly and feature rich sedans.

In Pakistan, however, the car market is discriminated and car brands deteriorate their product line’s quality to reduce the cost and ultimately increase the profit on each sale.

Same goes for Corolla, the Pakistani version does not come with international grade features and components. On the latest Corolla’s Altis 1.8 and 1.6 variants, the infotainment system is so poor that the users have flooded local online forums with their complaints due to its mediocre functionality.


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Apparently, the infotainment system is running on an outdated operating system and the hardware is also not capable to carry out simple tasks such as viewing Google Maps or playing music.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about their Altis;

Dear Indus Motor Company. The infotainment unit in Altis 1.8 and Altis 1.6 facelift are not up to mark and should be recalled immediately.

They are a blot on the face of such a nice car.

In 1.8 variants, the player despite updates installed by the vendor still freezes a lot and lags. Plus the quality of front and the rear camera is also substandard as the display is full of waves and distortion and night view is very bad.

We request you to recall this unit and replace it with some latest model whose hardware is capable enough to run the latest version of android with sufficient ram.


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Another owner added,

Agreed, I’ve the Grande FL head unit.

The HU is poor and the hardware used in it is outdated, it is running an extremely old android OS (4.4.2) and the processor used is a few years old as well (ARM Cortex-A7) with 1GB RAM (usable RAM is 833MB).

HU lags and hangs on Google maps.

Has issues with Bluetooth and would randomly stop playing music after 20-30min and would only work after turning Bluetooth on and off.

When the device is lagging, turning volume up/down from steering can take up to 30-40 seconds to take effect.

Since, it has a very old android OS, a lot of apps are not compatible with the HU.

Even their vendor admits, it is a slow device so we have to deal with it and in one instance said, these issues are in Civic turbo as well (same vendor) like that justifies the issues in grande’s HU.

I hope someone from IMC is reading this and gets the issues resolved because it looks like a dated hardware issue.

Aggrieved, the owners even sent complaints to the main headquarters of Toyota in Japan, but their calls got redirected back to Indus Motors Corporation (IMC) offices in Pakistan.

Hopefully, Toyota recalls all the faulty cars and fixes this issue because a Corolla Altis does not come cheap, the quality of its features should justify its cost and has to at least come close to the international variants.

  • Why do these consumers care about the performance of the car? Surely only the resell value matters? They seem to have forgotten why they bought a Pakistani assembled car in the first place.

    • Cars are not bought for reselling. If you are dishing out 2-3 million for a car you want things to be top notch. These makers are fleecing customers – no wonder imported Japanese cars have such a huge market.

  • 1st of all indus toyota or any local company for that matter is never under pressure by the consumers. they never cares. further, buyers should be happy that they have an infotainment in their car stock, or otherwise toyota would have affixed a plastic plate over it and sale car without it. and the funny part is, people will purchase it no matter what. so toyota is serving pakistani mentality very accurately. we people deserve companies like indus toyota.

  • The same.issue with Civic 1.8 HU 2017. I pray someone takes notice of these evil money making corporations sucking our hard earned money and giving us gutter level offerings.

  • until they have monopoly in Pakistan they will keep sending trash to the market, same was the case with current model launch honda civic with astonishingly insane manufacturing faults. even the multinationals come to this land and behave corrupt.

    • Yes go to market, buy one with Android 6 (not 7) and Intel chip (x86)
      Don’t fall for shopkeepers knowledge, if they sell it doesn’t mean they know stuff.
      Costs round 22 if i remember.

  • It,s a average budget & features less cars always from Toyota. They never gives good features in budget. There are bundles of companies giving full features in budget compare to Toyota.

  • People defending the cheap tectics of these so called international brands never bought the cars so they cant imagine the feeling of a person who spent 2.49m of stupid features car

  • Low quality article,, which news shows that Toyota is UNDER PRESSURE”.. headline shows they are recalling, but article didnt support that other than two arguments…. no idea how editors allow publish such article..

  • We as a nation don’t know how to stand against any organisation (wether its private or govt.) which is looting us and we keep getting looted.

    Hum ne corolla khareed k show marni hai to bas marni hai. Chahay andr jo mrzi ho.

  • similar issue with Civic infotainment unit, Honda has not provided up to mark unit even the standard unit that comes with honda civic in other regions like Gulf and europe
    some should raise voice against it

  • The writer should know that there is No recall regulation available in Pakistan , amatuers writing for websites , sheesh !!!!

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