Celebrate Valentine’s Day With New Offers from TCS Sentiments Express

For over two decades Sentiments Express has been delivering tokens of love to your loved ones on days they choose to celebrate something special. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new jobs, birth of little ones and other occasions and milestones have been made memorable with TCS Sentiments Express.

Expending great efforts into making sure your events are made memorable through online gifts; Sentiments Express can help you send heartfelt gifts to your loved ones.

To ensure that your emotive messages and sentiments reach your loved ones, Sentiments Express provides you with products and packages tailor made for the occasion. On events like Mother’s Day, Eid, New Years, Valentines and more; Sentiments Express offers products that go perfectly with the celebrations of the event.

TCS Sentiments Gifts for Valentine's Day

Sentiments Express Celebrates your Love

Whether it is your significant other, your parents, siblings or your friends; everyone deserves something to remind them you love them.

Sentiments Express makes it easy for you to do just that. For the ones who are the most special to you, there are valentine gifts in a wide range to be sent with the best of your wishes.

Flowers, cakes, chocolates, stuffed toys among the usual potpourri of gifts exchanged this season are available for you to send to your loved ones.


Shop with Love with Daraz This Valentines Day

For the ones with an insatiable craving for all things sweet, decadent and indulgent, you can also send cakes and sweets in a red box to your special someone.

TCS Sentiments Cakes, Sweets and Flowers

To accompany the sweet tasting treat, sweetly fragrant flowers in various forms are at your disposal. From a thoughtful, simple single rose for the ones who love the simplicity in gifting. For the ones with a flair for extravagance, a glorious bouquet of 100 imported roses is available, ready to be hand delivered to a special someone with your appreciation for them.

If you choose to add more to make your surprise even better, add a cute little teddy bear to the mix.

TCS Sentiments Products Choice

To make it even more personal; perfumes, wallets, bags, jewelry and miscellaneous other options are there for you to select from. Regardless of gender, Sentiments Express offers your loved one a gift to convey your sentiments.

Say it With Cadbury

Whenever you celebrate anything happy, you celebrate with something sweet!

Why not share that message on the chocolate? When you order the Cadbury Dairy Milk from Sentiments Express; give a short, sweet message for your loved one.

Cadbury Dairy Milk from Sentiments Express

Wrap In Red

Sentiments Express wraps your gifts in packaging designed in-house to create a fabrication as special as the gift itself.

TCS Sentiments Gifts wrapped in Red

For this season specifically, the gifts you send your loved ones will be wrapped in red. What does this mean? Sentiments Express has crafted a whole range of gift wrapping and packaging themed around the season of love. Cake, flower and other gift boxes, wrapping papers, tags, ribbons, decorations; everything is designed specifically for this campaign.

TCS Sentiments Gifts Campaign

With the campaign already live, go visit Sentiments Express and book gifts for that certain someone in your life this Valentines day.


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