Apple Took Over Half of the Smartphone Industry’s Revenues in 2017

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By selling one of the most expensive Smartphones in the world, Apple has managed to gain the lion’s share of smartphone sales revenue during fourth quarter of 2017.

This time, the Cupertino-based company earned 51% of the overall revenue during Q4 of 2017. This marked the first time that Apple crossed 50%, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics.

During the time period, out of an overall $120.2 billion of revenue, Apple earned $61.4 billion which was an improvement over the $54.2 billion it made last year, when it captured 48.5% of the market.

Samsung came in second, way behind Apple, posting a revenue of $18.9 billion over the quarter, or 15.7% of the market. It also grew by a similar percentage compared to the same time last year, where it gained 14.5% of the market.


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Huawei came next, with $8.4 billion in revenue during the time period, capturing less than half of Samsung’s share at 7%. It also grew by $1.2 billion over the last year, where it gained 6.5% of the market’s share.

Average Selling Price

Apple made the most revenue in the market on the back of its phenomenally-high average selling price. With the release of the new iPhone X, it has now crossed $800 which is by far the highest of any company in the industry.

Compared to Apple, the average selling price of Huawei is set at $205, while that of Samsung remained higher at $254 thanks to its own expensive flagship models. However, both of them were below the global average selling price, which was around $300.

The market itself grew by 8% compared to the same time last year, ballooning to $120.2 billion from $111.8 billion in Q4 2016.

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