Hidden Man in Ladies’ Changing Room at Gul Ahmed Outlet Sparks Outrage

A renowned clothes brand Gul Ahmed, found itself at the center of a controversy recently after one of its outlets in Karachi was caught violating customer privacy in changing rooms.

A lady who visited the Gul Ahmed outlet at Ocean Mall, Karachi, was shocked when she discovered a man hiding in the changing room section. She discovered the peeping Tom after she noticed something strange in the mirror at the changing room.

Strange movement was detected in the cupboard’s door in the changing room, which led the lady to sense all was not well. To her utter shock, she found a man inside the cupboard and proceeded to raise a hue and cry after the blatant invasion of privacy was discovered.

She called the staff, and ensured that everyone witnessed what happened to her. The guy in the hidden room was whisked away by the Manager and other staff, after assuring the lady that strict action will be taken against him.


Social Media on Fire: Famous Clothing Store Caught Recording Ladies Changing Rooms

When the manager returned later, the lady was told that the person she found in the room will be fired. That’s all that she was told.

Here’s how the whole ordeal unfolded, in her own words:

Lending further credence to her claim was this video:

Ms. Sasha’s post and the video about the store, both went viral, prompting Gul Ahmed’s official social media account to step in and apologize:

Not the First Incident of its Kind

Not too long ago, a Levi’s outlet in Faisalabad was also in the news over similar circumstances. Hidden cameras were discovered by a customer in ladies’ changing rooms and subsequently shared over social media.

The culprits were arrested and an investigation was launched regarding other outlets near that store. Shockingly, the Levi’s store wasn’t alone in recording their customers getting undressed.


Police Finds Hidden Camera Holes in Changing Rooms of Dozens of Shops

This is beyond sickening and one can hope that the authorities are doing something about it.

  • WTF is wrong with this country? Full of perverts. Sigh!
    She should have called the police and that guy should have been arrested and charged. I think that the store management is involved in this incident as well. They are covering up.

    • Store manager …area manager….country manager ….all bloody involved .Its not just that individual ,Its the whole whole setup that needs a wake up call ..disgusting

  • all ladies should take the phone inside changing room and record if they found anything suspicious and don’t let the staff know tht you’ve evidence and make copy of video to any other device and then go to police without letting the staff know that you’ve evidence. you can’t trust big brands and police either.

    • Don’t blame Pakistan, blame yourself, society that is totally ignorant to basic fundamentals of honesty and mutual respect. These are curses of substandard education given to a country over the period of time.
      Welcome to the doorsteps of selflessness and ethicless society.

  • the store owners should be jailed, heavily fined…. no excuses… only when the rich are spared and poor punished in the justice system, then the society and people perish….

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