5 People Injured in Incident on Emirates Plane at Rawalpindi Airport

An unfortunate incident happened at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Rawalpindi today, when an aircraft’s stairway suddenly collapsed and resulted in injuries to some passengers.

According to reports, an aircraft belonging to Emirates was at the center of this incident. The plane in question was about to take off for Dubai when its stairway collapsed, leaving at least 5 people injured including a female foreign national and a person from the loading crew.

Man in Ambulance



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The injured people were eventually provided with the necessary medical aid by the rescue officials. Afterwards, they were shifted to Rawalpindi’s Benazir Bhutto Hospital for further medical assistance.

Names of the 5 injured passengers include:

  1. Muhammad Latif
  2. Kulsoom Beghum
  3. Bilqees Akhtar
  4. Rafia Bibi
  5. Qamar (Loader)

A 59-year-old American national Rafia Bibi also suffered multiple head injuries during the incident.


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How did the Staircase Collapse?

According to airport officials, the staircase in question was used to carry disabled passengers to the plane. Today, while some passengers were moving over it, it suddenly got overturned.

Plane Left Wing
The stairway collapsed while the passengers were trying to board the plane. Also, the aircraft’s left wing came down, making the aircraft unable to fly for now. The plane has now been moved to a location where it will receive repairs.

  • Sad Incident, but the accident took place on B777-300ER and you guys using A380 as a featured image. :(

  • The mistakes that our journalists make on a regular basis is absurd.
    For years I read about “trawlers overturning” on the roads of Pakistan, the trawler is a fishing vessel, the one on the roads is “trailers”.
    Aside from this ,it is a terrible goof up or poor maintenance that a sturdy vehicle for lifting up passengers, topples next to the plane damaging the engine intake area.

  • Strange…

    “The plane has now been moved to a location where it will receive repairs”

    The flight in en route and about to arrive in Dubai.

  • Who writes, and then proofreads this garbage?
    It was a 777, not an A380 like the image.
    It was a Dnata Ambulifter, not a ‘staircase’.

    ‘The aircrafts left wing came down’, no it didn’t. Where did you hear that?
    And even if the ‘wing came down’, how would it fly to another location to get repaired?

    Only the engine cowling was damaged, and the plane in question, is STILL ON THE GROUND at ISB.

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