Revealed: Official Name for Islamabad’s New Airport Finalized

Over the past few years, the new International Islamabad Airport project has become notorious due its frequent and costly delays. The project has, on more than one occasion, highlighted the sheer incompetence of authorities that were involved in building this airport.

The New Islamabad Airport project has already cost billions of rupees more than its initial estimates and it is yet to be officially inaugurated. One thing that can be said with certainty is what the new Islamabad Airport will be called.

The Name

The Federal Cabinet has approved the final name for the new Islamabad Airport in a meeting held at PM Office. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi headed the cabinet meeting where the name “Islamabad International Airport” was approved for the new airport.

The airport will now be officially be called “Islamabad International Airport“.


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The Cabinet also notified the declaration of Islamabad International Airport as an “Airport”.

Considering the years of missed deadlines and delays, it can’t be said with surety when the new airport will begin its operations. It is said that PM Abbasi will inaugurate the airport between 15 to 20th April 2018.

CAA has also released a NOTAM announcing the date of airport’s operations. According to this NOTAM issued by Civil Aviation Authority, Islamabad International Airport will be operational by April 16. If (and it’s a big if given the track record of the authorities) the construction or linkage roads don’t face any further delays, we could see the new airport up and running in about six weeks.

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    • CAA should improve itself as a professional regulator which they are not. Also passenger handling staff, security and immigration staff needs to be trained to act more professionally with good manners and transparently.

  • well that didn’t get to the absolute pits didn’t it? whattttay “Indigenous” name guys.. :D :D

      • Rolay Bhai aur thora sa. Shabash rolay aur.

        As for the name, it is good enough and simple.

        • Ronay ka mashwara kion dy rahay ho bhae? Apnay experience ky baad ronay ka mashwara dy rahay ho kya.

    • Shaheed hahahahahaha Murder karwany walay ko b hamara Media Shaheed karar day daita hai main nahi manta Shaheed

  • Inshallah next year when i will came to our home country then i will came on the way. God bless Pakistan, amen

  • “Liaquat Ali Khan International Airport” is the best name for this airport.

  • Developed countries name their big airports on the basis of regions only. This is what we should do. Just look at Europe and America. For example Berlin airport, frankfurt airport, paris airport etc.

    • Paris Airport? What is Charles de Gaulle Airport then? and also Berlin Brandenburg Airport? IIA is not a bad name though but it is much much much better we don’t have Shaheed Bibi airport crap here!

    • Ever heard of John F. Kennedy International Airport, 5th busiest airport of the USA?

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