Ahmed Shuja Kidwai Replaces Shafqaat Ahmed as CEO of Al-Baraka Bank

Al-Baraka Bank has acquired the services of Ahmed Shuja Kidwai as their Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Ahmed Shuja has an international banking experience of over four decades and will prove pivotal in the bank’s future success in Pakistan.

Ahmed Shuja has replaced Shafqaat Ahmed as the Bank’s CEO, who served the bank for a good 25 years. Kidwai started his service as the CEO on March 1, 2018.

The decision of appointing Kidwai as Bank’s CEO was made in a Board of Directors meeting. Chairman Al Baraka Islamic Bank Bahrain, Khalid Rashid Al Zayani, congratulated the outgoing President Shafqaat for his excellent leadership and contributions to the bank.


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Bidding Farewell to the Outgoing CEO & President

Zayani appreciated the long-term services of Shafqaat’s services, both at branch and business levels. He highlighted Shafqaat Ahmed’s role in introducing Islamic Banking to Pakistan. He further pointed out the ex-president’s contribution in making Al Baraka Bank a network of 200 branches in over 100 cities.


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President and Chief Executive of Al Baraka Banking Group and Chairman Al Baraka Bank Pakistan Limited, Adnan Ahmed Yousif, acknowledged Shafqaat’s services and welcomed the new CEO saying;

While thanking Mr. Shafqaat and wishing him well in his future life, I am delighted to welcome Mr. Ahmed Shuja Kidwai as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Bank. Mr. Kidwai has been associated with Al Baraka Bank Pakistan since January 16th, 1996.

He has played instrumental role in establishing and consolidating the Bank’s positioning in south especially Karachi.

He has got four decades of diversified International banking experience with proven track record of his business acumen, customer focused and employee centric style of Management.

We are confident that he will continue his predecessor’s career in expanding the bank and strengthening its position in the Pakistani market.


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About Al Baraka Bank

Al Baraka Bank provides Islamic banking services to several consumer sectors, corporate sectors and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan. The Bank provides services of

  • deposit accounts,
  • basic banking accounts,
  • savings account,
  • current account,
  • home finance,
  • consumer finance services,
  • travel services,
  • family Takaful plans,
  • term deposits,
  • young savers account and
  • senior citizens account.

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