Here’s A List of Useful USSD and SMS Codes for All Networks in Pakistan

Mobile phone users are on the rise in Pakistan, so much so that there are more 3G/4G users than there are broadband users in the country.

Most of the people use a pre-paid package for their respective mobile networks as it happens to be more convenient and budget-friendly than the post-paid options.

If you’ve watched a few commercials, chances are you might’ve seen the likes of Telenor, Zong, Jazz and others talking about certain pre-paid packages and offers that can be activated by dialing a certain code.

These codes are referred to as USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes.

Aside from activating a package, these codes can also be used for a variety of purposes including checking your mobile balance, the number of minutes/SMS you have and other stuff.

We show you all the various ways that you can use USSD codes with your phone.

Balance Check

  • Telenor: *444#
  • Jazz: *111#
  • Warid: *100#
  • Ufone: *124#
  • Zong: *222#

Minutes Check

  • Telenor: *222#
  • Jazz: *110#
  • Warid: *200#
  • Ufone: *707#
  • Zong: Send P to 102

SMS Check

  • Telenor: *111#
  • Jazz: *101*2#
  • Warid: *200#
  • Ufone: *336*2*4
  • Zong: *102*3#

Advance Balance

  • Telenor: *0#
  • Jazz: *112#
  • Warid: Send Ab to 7676
  • Ufone: *456#
  • Zong: Send a blank message to 911

SIM Lagao Offer

  • Telenor: *2222#
  • Jazz: *551#
  • Warid: Send Y to 3733
  • Ufone: Send SIM to 5000

Free Facebook Offer

  • Telenor: *5*325#
  • Jazz: *114*5#
  • Warid: Send Fw to 7777
  • Ufone: *3434#
  • Zong: *6464*4#

To Check Internet Data

  • Telenor: *999#
  • Jazz: *114*1*2#
  • Warid: *200*4#
  • Ufone: *706#
  • Zong: *102#

To Check SIM Number

  • Telenor: Send A to 7421
  • Jazz: *99#
  • Warid: Send myno to 6060
  • Ufone: *780*3#
  • Zong: *8#

  • Make Correction in Warid Balance Code from
    Its now as Jazz Dial

    Plus Zong All Offers Details can be checked via a Single Code
    SMSs MBs and Minutes Dial

    Ufone Number can be Checked Via *999# or *780*3#

    Ufone Sim Lagao Offer Dial

    Ufone is not Offering Free FaceBook Now
    only availabale on Data Packages

  • Update the title “USSD and SMS Codes”

    Warid balance check code was *100# not *1000#, and now it is same as Jazz *111#

    Ufone *707# and Zong *8# Sim check codes not working for me.

    Zong Sim number can be retrieved using this method free of cost.
    Dial *100*1# then enter any other mobile number in the prompt screen, on that number you will receive sms from your required Zong sim number.

  • What is the call baring code – I want to restrict outgoing calls and SMS also, please let me know if it is possible on any network, I will get the SIM of that network. It will be an added advantage if I can restrict the incoming calls and SMS also?

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