Fatima Group’s “Empower 2 Lead” Program is Touring Universities Across Pakistan

As the weather gets warmer and we draw closer to graduation, most of us are looking for job opportunities where we can put our hard-earned grades and time spent studying to use. If you recently graduated, you can understand this struggle. That’s why we’ve done some research to help you along the way.

Consider Fatima Group – one of Pakistan’s fastest growing national conglomerate of companies. Fatima Group has interests in everything from fertilizers, textiles, packaging, chemicals, energy and more, and is looking to groom and empower its next generation of leaders. It is looking for creative, forward-thinking and business-oriented youth who can propel the company to greater heights in today’s widely-connected world.

Sounds Exciting? It gets better.

What makes Fatima Group significant is the fact that it is a progressive and fast-growing business. It is, what one calls, a local multinational corporation (MNC). Fatima Group has been at the forefront of development ever since its establishment in 1936, making significant strides in various industries. The rapidly expanding group of companies employs as many as 6000 across Pakistan.

Where do you come in?

‘Empower 2 Lead’ Program

This year Fatima Group is kicking off its recruitment drive, “Empower 2 Lead”. E2L is a Management Trainee Program (MTO) and Graduate Trainee Engineers Program (GTE).

Although Fatima Group has been inducting MTOs and GTEs for many years, what is new and fresh about it this year is their program structure.

The Group is hoping to recruit approximately 70 engineering and business graduates this year from the best universities in Pakistan. For this purpose, talent scouts from Fatima Group HR will be visiting educational institutions, and could be hitting yours soon!

Keep a lookout – If being a part of something big, making an impact, and giving back to Pakistan is something that you are interested in, then be sure to apply. Not only do you get access to world-class facilities and resources, but you can also become part of Pakistan’s business and engineering elite.

Fun fact: Fatima Group has been named as one of the Top Employers in 2018, for its excellent working conditions and environment for prospective employees.

So, if you believe that you have the skills, drive, determination, and talent to become a titan of industry, don’t miss out on Fatima Group’s Empower 2 Lead Program. At Fatima Group, you are uniquely poised to drive meaningful change all across Pakistan.

To find out when Fatima Group is coming to a university near you, follow their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.