An Exclusive and Candid Interview with Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO of Telenor Pakistan

Today, we’re bringing you an exclusive and candid interview with Irfan Wahab Khan, the CEO of Telenor Pakistan.

“The interview is rather special as it has been conducted by Ijlal Hashmi, a Telenor employee who is Partially Sighted with 10 years of service at Telenor.

Telenor has also introduced an Open-Mind Program, which caters for People with Disability to utilize their talent and contribute to the Society.”

Instead of the usual formal interviews, Ijlal decided to do a casual interview that gives us a glimpse of the man behind the suit. In it, Irfan talks about his first job, first salary, his hobbies and interests, his journey at Telenor Pakistan and much more.

Without further ado, here is the complete interview.

  • It is good to have this sector maturity in country but let us remind that it is at exactly same level as any country in Africa, e.g. Ethiopia. Few vendors of advanced countries have exported this technology to all parts of world for their own benefit. It is dis heartening to see Pakistan do not even have its own operating companies. All operating companies are foreign owned and taking profits abroad. Giving jobs yes but not helping country export or technology maturity. Using technology is not technology maturity or capability making technology is. We need to understand having mobile network in country is similar to having Mercedes on the roads. In both cases, we are giving away our market to foregn technology. Iss liay inn logon ko uti hee izzat do jo show room walay ko daitay ho. Uss say zayada yeh deserve nahi kertay hain. Ethipia may b yehi 4G chal raha hay.

    • What is alarming is these companies crush small local companies. Why Jazz is allowed to run the incubation? Do we think Russian company will take pain to develop a Pakistani exporting and technology company? IT is so stupid that country leading incubator is run by foreign company. They will essentially kill local Pakistani companies. Lets hope Gov. will change and new PTI Gov. will see which companies are serving country interest and which ones are hurting country badly due to narrow thinking. Whatever new Pakistani company start to make these foreigner owned big companies start making same thing or block funding as incubation is in their hands too.

      • Moreover, these companies only recruit sub standard people and only on sifarish. Most brilliant people have no choice but to leave country and we have massive brain drain. It is in interest of foreign companies not to have people capable to make technology and compete with them. And these so called CEOs are foreign agents who are selling Pakistani market to foreign companies.

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