PTCL and Motorway Police Hold Road Safety Session

PTCL, in collaboration with the National Highway & Motorway Police (NH&MP), organized Road Safety Session to spread awareness about road safety measures and traffic rules. This event was organized at PTCL Headquarters for all employees as part of PTCL’s Safety Awareness Campaign.

Sohail Mustafa, SPO and Sanam Khurram, SPO were present at the session from NH&MP, while a large number of employees including PTCL drivers, staff, management and women employees participated wholeheartedly during the safety session. The session covered all aspects of road safety including traffic rules & regulations, road signs, blind spots, right of way, licensing, behaviors, dangers of underage driving by our children, etc.


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The focus of the session was to educate people about the importance of traffic rules and regulations. According to the survey shared, 90% of accidents occur due to the driver, 5% accidents occur due to road conditions and 5% due to vehicle conditions. In addition, it was emphasized that the use of seatbelt for all passengers decreases the fatal injuries by 75%. These statistics become more critical when we look at the fact that approximately 90 % of people travel by road in Pakistan.

Chief Human Resource Officer, PTCL Syed Mazhar Hussain said on this occasion,

“PTCL is extremely involved and cares for the well-being and safety of its employees. We are shaping a movement among our staff about these measures and keeping safety foremost in their minds. Awareness of traffic rules and regulation holds a pivotal importance for safer journey. We will continue our efforts to make safety priority for our employees in all domains as we care for them and consider ourselves as one PTCL family.”

Sohail Mustafa, SPO, NH&MP said

“We would like to thank PTCL for this opportunity as it supports our cause to promote traffic laws, road safety and safe driving. We are hugely encouraged that companies like PTCL are serious in taking precautions and measures to provide awareness and timely information to its employees for their own safety. National Highway & Motorway Police is proud to be an effective force for law abidance and traffic rules observation.”

Through this awareness campaign, PTCL wants its employees do due diligence when traveling on the road. Like any other collective effort, roads cannot be safe unless all members of the society contribute with their actions by showing civic behavior on the road.

  • Hold a session with a regional offices for betterment of service too. Your service is filthy af :/

    • PTCL and CHRO S. Mazhar Hussain, SPO Sohail Mustafa NH&MP. initiatives are remarkable in the country with thousands of cars, motor cycles, registered with increasing urbanisation. PTCL a technology company initiated as corporate citizens of the country to bear the crown of Road SAfety. This is the decade of United Nations decade of Road Safety worldwide, and PTCL is taking the right course, to enable NH&MP.
      There could be lot done to promote image, save lives, improve flow, and of course train NH&MP. This will be a great support to the nation.

  • Urbanisation, motorisation, trends, lifestyle, style, fashion, are all creating a hype for an auto ownership in developing countries, with motorisation of the masses to work, amusement, socialising, education, business and industry. Today technology exist to manage, that flow of traffic, safety, to stop traffic jams. Advisory support possible to change the situation with all metropolis of the country, by management of traffic, by drones monitoring the traffic flows, signalling, sensors on the roads, penalties, fines, enforcement agencies assertive role, and technology which will charge fines, increased income to the enforcement agencies etc., A lot of things are messed up. First and foremost is the RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) which will enable all license plates communicate the CNIC, License details of the car owner, and the driver data.
    I will be very pleased to assist the PTCL the principal sponsor, and the beneficiary the customers of PTCL, drivers, passengers, App., based taxis, etc., etc. This will save gasoline, save time, earn respect worldwide. God Bless.

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