Fake Assistant Director NAB Who Made Millions by Blackmailing Govt Officials Finally Arrested

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has been unaware that a fake Assistant Director has been blackmailing government officials of Sindh and Punjab for many years using the department’s name.

The fake Assistant Director Shehzad Yousuf, has been finally arrested. According to details, he made a huge sum of money the department’s name. According to the department, the accused has received a sum of around Rs. 25 million from government officers as bribes. The money was deposited in the accused’s different bank accounts.

According to NAB Karachi, they arrested a person name Shehzad Yousuf who has been impersonating as Assistant Director of NAB operating under the alias of Imran and Shehryar.


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The arrest was made on the complaints of several offices of NAB by tracing his bank accounts.

NAB Spokesperson told ProPakistani that during the Interrogation, Shehzad Yousuf revealed that he had been blackmailing several Government officials of Sindh as well as Punjab on the pretext of corruption cases initiated in NAB.  He demanded huge bribes to end the inquiries.

“Many such officers deposited huge sums of amounts in his four bank accounts maintained at Karachi and Sahiwal, from where the impersonating accused used to draw cash. Total transactions in his bank accounts amount to more than Rs. 25 million,” states the NAB Spokesperson.


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In Karachi, he has targeted KDA and local Government officials frequently finding them more responsive to his blackmail.

The accused executed the offense by demanding bribes of Rs. 5 lac to Rs. 1 million and received the amount through bank transfer. He was about to receive a transaction of Rs. 3 million through a Demand Draft, however, he was apprehended by the NAB before that.


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NAB advised all members of the public to exercise caution in falling prey to the blackmails from people impersonating as NAB officers. Any members of the public who have dealt with the accused, were lured by him or gave him money against any promises are advised to assist NAB authorities at PRCS Building Cantt. Karachi.

Accountability Court Karachi granted physical remand of Shehzad Yousuf for 9 days.

      • IKR. The irony is strong with this one.

        Sadly, isn’t this the case with WHOLE of Pakistan? People don’t even come forward to lodge a complain in police stations because they know they will get into trouble themselves.

        NAB isn’t going to catch those involved in giving bribes, because let’s admit it … they gave bribes BECAUSE they have something to hide. NAB is definitely going to catch those who are making money using their name.

        Typical of just another Govt. Institution in Pakistan.

    • Victims are always common peoples, who’s money is looted by those criminal govt. officials, it didn’t effect them much.

  • Haha….quick question – when the victims contact NAB, it will thank them or arrest them!!! Also what will NAB do after this annoucement. It can trace where the money came from and who and we already know why….Country is watching, Sir!

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