Supreme Courts Bans Dr. Shahid Masood’s TV Show for 3 Months

Supreme Court of Pakistan has imposed a three-month ban on Dr. Shahid Masood’s TV show.

The court’s decision comes after Shahid Masood’s allegations in the Zainab Murder case. Dr. Shahid alleged that there was a bigger group involved in abduction and rape of children and Zainab’s killer was part of it.

Shahid Masood further claimed that the group had international links and several influential people were also involved in such cases.

Court’s Suo Moto Notice and Decision

The Court took a suo moto notice of the allegations from the anchorperson. A Joint Investigation Team (JIT) was formed to investigate Dr. Shahid’s 18 claims. After the investigation, JIT concluded all allegations to be baseless and found no proof of any connections between Zainab’s killer and other groups.


CJP Takes Suo Motu Notice of Alleged Link of Zainab Case with Dark Web

All of the allegations made by Shahid Masood were then debunked by the court. After the report, Dr. Shahid submitted a written unconditional apology to the court. However, the court decided to reprimand the anchorperson according to the law.

The court referred to Dr. Shahid’s claim that he should be hanged if the allegations are false saying;

We will not give you capital punishment like you asked but we will ask you what should be the punishment for you.


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Courts Have Changed

The 3-member bench headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar expressed anger over Dr. Shahid’s remarks as well. Dr. Shahid previously ridiculed Additional Advocate General Punjab in his TV show. The judges watched the footage in the courtroom and later resumed the hearing announcing the ban. Chief Justice remarked;

It is possible we initiate contempt proceedings against him. How dare he say this about my law officer.

He further added while addressing Dr. Shahid;

I don’t know what you think of the courts in Pakistan. Let it be clear that either the courts have evolved or maybe I have changed. This is the majesty of constitution and law.

The culprit in the murder and rape case of a 7-year-old girl was handed four death sentences by a trial court.

  • Xahid

    Maybe he want to learn the lesson “hard way”.

  • Armaghan

    3 months only??? must be atleast 3 years

  • IT_Guy

    Too less a punishment for lying and misleading millions of pakistanis and attempting to create law and order situation for government. Such type of certified liars should be totally banned. The types of Amer Liaqat, Orya, Luqan and Shahid masood are curse for this nation. Paid Puppets.

    • Ahsan Zafar

      Things are not so simple as they are being shown on media. Its much more complex and yes there is money involved and yes there are sick people in the world who carry out such acts and yes there is a dark web and yes there are sick metal people in Pakistan.

    • abobobilly

      “Orya Maqbool”? Seriously? Do you even hear what he got to say most of the time?

      So basically anyone who raises their voice against the unjustice in Pakistan, is a ‘curse’ to this nation?

      You want to live with your eyes closed, like a Pigeon, then so be it.

      Mind you, i am not a fan of these talk shows. But some of them make pretty good arguments for the current fiasco going on in PK.

    • Asher Ahmed

      What about the videos of affectees circulate on social media, Local Paki Media who also claimed those who involved having political background. they’re so powerful, people hesitate to talk about them.
      In Pakistan, everything is possible. I can say at this moment when election are just upto head, Punjab Govt. can’t afford any new case.,they can use official machinery to prove their political people innocence.
      No one can deny the Post Martem Report of Zainab claimed it was not only one person, but more than 1 person who committed this crime.
      It is of common saying Politics is dirty,so anything can expect from MNA,MPA.
      How one person claimed can be proved when whole Govt Machinery is in PML-N hand, SBP already lost it credibility – u can see the price of “$”., Role of SBP is so controversial.
      Therefore, one’s statement hard to prove when the second party is Govt., on the basis of Govt Agencies, decision took place in SC.

  • Ahsan Zafar

    Where is the concept of freedom of speech . If Dr Shahid raised his voice against some person then that person has the right to seek justice .Why is the court,JIT and government being used to stop someone from expressing an opinion. And who is behind the scenes instructing the courts and using the machinery ? This is a state bullying a citizen. Not right at all !!

    • Xahid

      I think you don’t understand the situation here, Mr. Shahid masood took the case to court (himself), the Court listen to him, and arrange a JIT on behalf of Mr. Shahid masood, to investigate the issue, and the result is found all lies, Mr. Shahid masood is asking for forgiveness ….

      • Ahsan Zafar

        Ok so he took the case to court and the court listened to him . Its the job of the court to listen to him . A JIT was formed to find out the facts which is also fine . But where does it say that he has to be punished ? For what ? Lying ? He has not lied . He raised a question and asked to find out if it was true or not . How is that lying ? A question and a lie are two different things. He is being persecuted and so much so that he may have been threatened to ask for forgiveness from the courts publicly .

        • Xahid

          He was lying about everything, and govt. has invested lot of money to investigate his lies, that’s the reason for his punishment. he was well informed before the case opening about the result.
          and my friend if you ask me. this is very low punishment, he should be served in Jail for those lies.

          • Wasim Mughal

            گورنمنٹ کا تو کام ہے یہ سب کرنا، اب اگر گورنمنٹ نے یہ کام کیا ہے اور سچ کا پتا لگایا ہے تو اس کے بعد اپنے کیے ہوئے کام کی وجہ سے کسی کو سزا دینا کہاں کا
            انصاف ہے؟

          • Waqas

            Xahid bhai leave these jahils alone. No need to reply them. Whole world knows what allegations Shahid Masood raised and how much he was wrong. Some people does not want to listen and understand. You cannot do anything to educate them. Did you read message below “جہالت کے خلاف اٹهنے والی ایک اور آواز”. Ab yahi rah gaya ha k banda kisi dewar mein ja ker sar mar dey

            • abobobilly

              So we are the Jahils? This coming from donkey meat eaters?

              Mind you, there are always some higher ups involved in such stuff. And they are obviously being protected. Mind telling me what was the result of Qusoor boys incident? The story of making their videos and sold to highest bidder was also came out at that time. There was no Shahid Masood in that.

              How stupid can this awaam be? Everything is happening infront of them. You can’t ignore the POSSIBILITY of such stuff (dark web, bidding etc) happening in back end. Whether or not it actually happened, is the job of institutions to find out. But then we all know the capabilities and competences of those institutions.

      • Wasim Mughal

        زاہد بهائی آپ زرا اس آرٹیکل کو غور سے پڑهیں، اس میں لکها ہے کہ سپریم کورٹ نے سوموٹو ایکشن لے کر ڈاکٹر شاہد مسعود کو بلایا تها

  • Wasim Mughal

    جہالت کے خلاف اٹهنے والی ایک اور آواز کو دبا دیا گیا
    سو سیڈ

  • Sami

    I am not a member of PMLN, but sorry to say that Supreme Court is biased. Nawaz Sharif got a permanent ban for life for the small issue of Iqama and unreceived salary. The same judge is banning one anchor for only 3 months.
    Why two very different judgements by the same court??.

    • razia

      nawaz sharif should be hanged in public square for looting the country blind and bring it to the brink of ruination

    • razia

      if jit/sc is unable to get in the dark web it’s not dr. shahid masood’s fault!!!

  • abobobilly

    Wow. That’s, sadly, Pakistan. Instead of carrying out an independent investigation against allegations, the person who arose such ‘suspicions’ is being ‘taught a lesson’.

    Let’s be clear. I am not a fan of Dr Shahid Masood. But the points he rose, are undeniably weighty. Make no mistake. You are now living in a Pakistan, where everyday there is a new scandal. And it comes out with such a solid proof mostly, that you can’t ignore it. Qusoor boys, Dark web case, donkey meat, educated meth dealer in Karachi … to name a handful of recent stuff.

    How many were actually solved? Against how many such cases, were so-callled ‘suo moto’ taken? Not to mention, there is some CHOR openly threatening and defaming courts out there, and he’s hardly given any hard punishment for that.

    • Ansir Sipra

      i am much deprived about dr. shahid ban…infact i cant sleep without LIVE WITH SHAHID MASOOD…if missed due to any reason would saw on UTUBE….i request quote to leave him..his corin was absolute great…..GOD HELP HIM