6 Year Old Pakistani Shane Warne Stuns the Legend Himself [Video]

Just a few weeks ago, a video of a young left-arm bowler from Pakistan went viral and the kid got praised by thousands of people, including Wasim Akram.

Similarly, another video has surfaced on the social media which also has the potential to leave you baffled as to how much talent is present in Pakistan.

A six-year-old leggie, Eli Mikal Khan, from Quetta has blown away cricket fans across the globe with his jaw-dropping ability to spin the ball. The youngster was noticed by the legendary leg-spinner, Shane Warne, as well who seemed in awe of the spinner’s talent.



A video of Eli Mikal went viral on social media which led to the praise from cricket followers all over the world. Despite being of such young age, Eli has a variety of deliveries at his disposal. The young prodigy imitates the Australian legend, right down to his bowling action. Its safe to assume that if he continues like this, he might become the next Shane Warne of his generation.

Reportedly, Eli can bowl four different deliveries, including the flipper, the googly and the slider.


Viral Video of a Promising Young Bowler Catches Wasim Akram’s Attention

Shane Warne sent out a tweet praising the natural talent of the young man. Warne said:

The youngster says that he likes both Shane Warne and Yasir Shah and wants to represent Pakistan in future. Eli’s father told that if Eli continues performing well in academics, he “will make every effort to make sure he becomes [the next] Shane Warne.”

You can watch him making the ball move with his fingers here:

Is PCB Doing Something about this Young Prodigy?

Eli was also approached by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), so we might see him at the National Cricket Academy soon. The praise from Shane Warne himself will be a major confidence booster for the young leg-spinner as he continues to improve.

While Pakistan has somewhat struggled in the batting department, there is no doubt that the country’s soil is filled with the extraordinary bowling talent. Kids like Eli keep showing that the future of cricket in Pakistan is in safe hands.

  • Wow. We are a miracle nation. Aren’t we? Issi liay tu half olympics medals hamaray pass hain. I am waiting for the two and half year old Microsoft certified software engineer for past few years. Now starting the wait for 5 year old Brian Lara, Wasim Akram and Siachen Tendulkar. So my son who is 6 year old an not a miracle, I should consider him budhuo? Be kind to kids and do not expect too much of them. Need to make system to spot talents and nurture them over the years. Moreover, it is better to spot talent in teens so that they can be properly utilized. This is a Nation which is below 50 in every possible ranking yet people are so obsessed with “first position in class” for kids. Successful countries do not have examinations at all until matric. Do not steal innocence of kids with your jahalat.

    • Loosen up Bilal sahib. He is a kid and a little nice comment from you won’t cost anything. There is absolutely no reason for you to get angry about.

      • Getting angry is our favorite national hobby so its alright. Lets blame the 6 year old for all our frustrations.

        • It takes a certain level of maturity to understand what I am saying and I do not expect it from our people. Why do not you see such miracles babies projections from countries which are winning the Olympics medals and doing all the progress in humanity and winning Noble prizes every year. I am not angry and subject of comment was writer not the little boy. You guys did not even have comprehension of object of my comment.

    • wrong. most parents won’t allow their kids to play cricket or sport as a hobby or possibly a profession. his dad has allowed him which means he is not a typical dad.

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