Twitter Reactions to Kamran Akmal’s Dropped Catch Are Hilarious

Kamran Akmal, the 2nd highest run-scorer of Pakistan Super League 3 with 425 runs from 13 innings, might have proved his big-hitting prowess, but the vital catch drop of Asif Ali in the final at a crucial stage has made the Social Media go berserk.

While he himself claimed that he still has 3-4 years of cricket left in him, the drop might have closed the doors for his international cricket return., considering his fielding skills in the outfield. With Sarfaraz as Captain, the chances for Akmal’s return were already very bleak, and the wicket-keeper batsman may have wasted his tremendous batting efforts.


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Here’s how he dropped the catch (read PSL Final).

Let’s have a look at how Akmal has been in the crosshairs of the social media geeks ever since the drop.

What do you say he deserves a chance to be in the team or not? Let us know in the comments section.

  • Its amazing to see how the media & everyone is reporting this as a ‘DROPPED’ catch. Where it was clearly a ‘MISSED’ catch.
    A dropped catch is something where the ball comes in the hands & then falls, which was clearly not the case here.

  • Whenever I hear or see something bad related to Pakistan cricket, the name Akmal tends to crop up. Misbehavior on the field, with fellow players, backstage politics, one brother faking injury on non selection of the other and most importantly PATHETIC performance on the field. This family is synonymous with it. Please get rid of this cancer!

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