Honda Pakistan Increases Prices for its Cars Again

Following Indus Motors’ footsteps, Honda Pakistan has increased prices for its entire lineup of cars once again.

This is the second time this year that Honda Pakistan increased prices on its cars. It should be mentioned that the previous price hike happened around three months ago.

Honda Pakistan – just like Toyota Indus, Pak Suzuki, and Al-Haj FAW – have justified the increase in prices due to Pakistan’s depreciating currency. They also mentioned that apart from the falling rupee, the authorities have increased tax rates on components that they need to assemble the vehicles as well.

The New Prices for Honda Cars

Here are the revised prices for Honda Pakistan’s lineup of cars:

Honda City

  • i-VTEC MT:
    • 1.3 L Basic – Rs. 17,11,000
    • 1.3 L Navigation – Rs. 17,61,000
    • 1.5 L City – Rs. 17,71,000
    • 1.5 L Aspire – Rs 19,01,000
  • i-VTEC PT
    • 1.3 L Basic – Rs. 18,51,000
    • 1.3 L Navigation – Rs. 19,01,500
    • 1.5 L City – Rs. 19,11,000
    • 1.5 L Aspire – Rs. 20,41,000

Honda Civic

  • i-VTEC 1.8 L (CVT 6-Speed):
    • Basic – Rs. 25,11,000
    • Navigation – Rs. 25,85,500
    • Leather Seats – Rs. 25,70,500
    • Leather Navigation – Rs. 26,45,000
  • VTi Oriel 1.8 L (CVT 6-Speed):
    • Basic – Rs. 26,61,000
    • Navigation – Rs. 27,35,000
    • Leather Seats – Rs. 27,20,500
    • Leather Navigation – Rs. 27,95,000

Honda BR-V

  • i-VTEC (CVT 6-Speed):
    • Basic – Rs. 22,61,000
    • Navigation – 23,16,000
  • i-VTEC S (CVT 6-Speed):
    • Basic/Navigation – Rs. 23,61,000

Honda HR-V

  • i-VTEC EDT (CVT 7-Speed) – Rs. 42,11,000

You can check out their previous prices here.

The three big auto companies – Toyota Indus, Pak Suzuki, and Honda Pakistan – import most of their raw material from overseas and spend too little on localized components. Due to this, fluctuations in the rupee’s value affects their costs. These costs are in turn, borne by the consumers ultimately.

  • I think, Govt. of PK is trying to compete the afghan currency. it keeps getting worse.

  • Govt doesn’t even bother, they are just here for 5 years for their own benefits and they damn care about people of Pakistan, Pakistaneon ab bhi jag jao..aur vote sahi banday ko ke galian pakki karvane wale ko.. we need more than.pakki galian (streets)..thanks

    • lo gi , sahi kon hai ? zara bata dijiye ! ksi ak party ka naam lo ge , to ap sahi kaise sabit kro ge, sabit krte krte budhe ho jao ge, lakin sabit ni ho ga, lehaza choro party sharty k chakar ko, khud sahi ho jao, or dosro ki islah ki fikar kro, me to yehe ki kosish krta ho

  • Is govt taking any steps to keep thr price locked for 10 yrs. they are bunch of goons. poor quality

  • The only problem in pakistan is we don’t have as many car companies as Indian have thats why Suzuki Honda corolla keep increasing the price

  • I literally want to pull my hair off. WTF man? Forex goes up a bit and these companies immediately increase the car prices instead of bearing some loss.

  • I request Hournable CJP to take suo moto notice of non-implementation of Auto Policy

    • this is totally honda responsibilty, why they booking the customer car and delivery time frame 6 month? why they asking 40-50% payment during booking? during booking time the agent say, if price increase then you should pay, but my question how much time we pay? in this country not change the circumstances, day by day every one earn 100-200-500% profit. we just talk like these forums, for me no way found which authorize guy Honda limited side I talk? the dealer just listen and do nothing. Pakistan may society election me corruption hoti hay. tou Election may jo hotha hay saab kay samnay hay. if they increase price, i think they hold all old and new booking, and launch the 2018 city version, same like world wide version.

      • نگلینڈ یا یورپ جیسے کسی بھی ترقی یافتہ ملک میں جائیں تو وہیں بی ایم ڈبلیو یا مرسییدییز 2000 پاؤنڈ
        ( 3 لاکھ روپے . ) میں 2004 سے 2006 ماڈل تک مل جاتی ہے جب کے پاکستان جیسے پسماندا ملک کے شہریوں کو 2004-2006 ٹویوٹا کا ماڈل جیسے وہاں کوئی پُوچھتا بھی نہیں 8 لاکھ روپے سے کم نہیں ملتا ہے . . ان کار مینوفیکچرنگ کمپنیوں کی گورنمینٹ کے ساتھ ساز باز کی وجہ سے پاکستان جیسے پاسماندا ملک کے شہری یورپ جیسے ترقی یافتہ ممالک کے شہریوں سے کئی گنا زیادہ پرائس دیتے ہیں . . گورنمینٹ کار کی پرائس کو ریگو لیٹ کرنے کے لیے commission بنا کر تو دیکھے . . سب کمیشن کے ممبرز کے گھرون میں نئی چمکتی دھمکتی کاریں نظر آئیں گی اور رزلٹ زیرو . . .

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