Honda Increases Prices for Most of Its Vehicles in Pakistan

Owing to the recent currency devaluation, Pakistan’s popular automakers – Al-Haj FAW, Pak Suzuki, and Toyota Indus increased their prices.

It was obvious and quite expected that other auto companies will do the same and Honda Pakistan has finally decided to follow the trend. Prices for every Honda car except the Turbo Civic and the BR-V have gone up. The Turbo Civic was discontinued but it’s expected that it will get a price hike when Honda decides to restart sales for the model.

Here are the revised prices:

  • City 1.3L MT: Previous price of Rs. 15,49,000 increased to Rs. 15,99,000.
  • City 1.3L PT: Previous price of Rs. 16,89,000 increased to Rs. 17,39,000.
  • City 1.5L MT: Previous price of Rs. 15.99.000 increased to Rs. 16,59,000.
  • City 1.5L PT: Previous price of Rs. 17,39,000 increased to Rs. 17,99,000.
  • Aspire 1.5L MT: Previous price of Rs. 17,29,000 increased to Rs. 17,89,000.
  • Aspire 1.5L PT: Previous price of Rs. 18,69,000 increased to Rs. 19,29,000.
  • Civic 1.8L i-VTEC CVT: Previous price of Rs. 23,49,000 increased to Rs. 23,99,000.
  • Civic Oriel 1.8L i-VTEC CVT:Previous price of Rs. 24,99,000 increased to Rs. 25,49,000.
  • HRV 1.5 CVT: Previous price of Rs. 36,99,000 increased to Rs. 41,99,000.
  • Honda CR-V Base 2.4L: Previous price of Rs. 36,99,000 increased to Rs. 41,99,000.
  • Accord VTi 2.4L: Previous price of Rs. 1,12,50,000 increased to Rs. 1,22,50,000.

Apparently, Honda Pakistan jacked up the prices for the same reason Toyota Indus, Pak Suzuki, and Al-Haj FAW did – the devaluation of rupee increases the import price of components and materials used for manufacturing cars. Honda Pakistan relies heavily on imports to manufacture cars and car components, which forced the company’s hands into increasing the prices.

  • what a disgusting and bullshit notions opted by these car manufacturers!! firstly they don’t buy on monthly basis and secondly what is our so called Secretary and minister of production and industries are doing on this increase ?!!!

    Pakistan is the only country where you deposit at least 50% advance money for 3 to 6 months and get delivery after the bloody wait !!
    just imagine how much money they make by getting these advances from all over Pakistan
    Pathetic Car manufacturers and more pathetic are their regulators , who cannot see this cruelty!!!

    • You have to pay advance money to get brand new cars from the showroom everywhere in the world. Most notably, Tesla roadster is planed to start production in 2020 and delivers start in 2021 but they are taking money today for booking.

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