Wasim Akram Reveals One Aspect Where PSL Failed Pakistan

The legendary Wasim Akram has revealed that Pakistan has failed to unearth an emerging top-notch batsman in the recently concluded Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Although there have been a number of high potential bowlers in the shape of Umaid Asif and 17-year-old Shaheen Afridi, it has been a different scenario when it comes to batsmen.

Wasim Akram admitted that PSL has seen an increased number of quality all-rounders but still felt that genuine batsmen have been lacking.

He said that this should serve as a wake-up call for Pakistan cricket as they need to start grooming replacements for the likes of Azhar, Hafeez and Malik.


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Talking to Gulf News, Akram said:

If we notice, in the third PSL we haven’t seen even one emerging batsman. We have seen all-rounders and bowlers but not batsmen.

It shows that we need to work on our first class structure. Hopefully after this PSL hype, we will have to invest some money into our first class system.

Having mentioned that, Akram praised the overall quality of the fielding throughout the tournament. He said that fielding has been one of the weakest points for Pakistan cricket since the beginning.

By staging more PSL matches in Pakistan and with West Indies coming next month for three T20s, everyone will understand that Pakistan is a normal place like any country in the world. There were problems but not anymore and cricket is our most loved sport.

I am happy that the PSL III was well organised and congratulations to Najam Sethi and his team. The cricketing decisions and facilities were spot on.

Hussain Talat and Asif Ali have recently been selected for the series against West Indies in Karachi. It remains to be seen how many chances they will be given and whether they can replicate the form of PSL on the international stage.

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