Facebook Finally Makes it Easier to Remove 3rd Party Apps Quickly

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica breach, Facebook is taking a number of steps to make sure it dispels any further privacy concerns associated with the platform.

Its latest move is to help users make sure that they are not within firing range of third-party apps. While, previously, users had to handpick each third-party app they wanted to get rid off individually, a new option will allow them to remove unwanted apps in bulk.

How to Remove 3rd Party Apps

The feature can be accessed by clicking on the Apps section at the left side of the Facebook page. From there, users can pick and choose what apps they want to delete and select Remove.

The move will be appreciated by users who had integrated their Facebook account with hundreds of third-party developers.

It follows Facebook’s promise of restricting user data access for third-party developers and data partners. When signing into an app from Facebook, developers will only be able to get users’ name, email address, and profile photo. Further information will require permissions from Facebook, though, exactly how they’ll get these permissions is not clear.

Not The First

This will help users protect themselves from being exploited by apps they no longer use. This is yet another measure taken in the aftermath of Cambridge Analytica. Previously, Facebook removed apps that haven’t been used in over three months.


How to Stop Facebook from Leaking Your Personal Info

The data breach had originally come as a shock since Facebook knew about it since 2015, though, as it turns out, it may not be have been an isolated incident, after all, this data was being used by marketers for years before one was caught out.

  • Millions of people have already been fooled and thousands of apps have collected data in the past which Facebook cannot recover. I just found out that I gave permission to about 100 apps in past. I was shocked to find out they had access to my public profile, my friend lists, photos, and everything.. and they have been collecting data silently. In the delete warning, Facebook explicitly says that it cannot delete the data which they have already collected. Mark is lying. He knew all of this, and the scale of data being sold.. but he didn’t speak until the Cambridge Analytica was exposed by Channel 4 News. Its all about money for him. Apps like Candy Crush drew so much more traffic which means more money. They didn’t need to be strict toward those apps and the amount of data they required from users.

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