People Whose Mobile Bills Exceed Rs. 50,000 Will Count as Tax Payers

Tax Reform Implementation Committee (TRIC) and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) have decided to register those mobile phone subscribers who pay a monthly bill of Rs 50,000 and above as tax payers, especially those that are operating out of the tax net.

Reportedly, CEO of Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (PRAL), in consultation with FBR Member (IT), can go through data provided by mobile phone companies on the basis of two slabs:

  • those who pay monthly bills of Rs 50,000 and above,
  • those who pay monthly bills of Rs 100,000 and above.

This data would then be utilized for issuance of tax notices and broaden the taxpayer base.


Punjab Govt to Impose New Tax on Uber & Careem

Tax Reform Implementation Committee (TRIC) and FBR have also agreed that notices for the Tax Year 2017 would be issued to unregistered persons on the basis of all types of information including sale/purchase of immovable property, educational expenses, electricity expenses, etc. However, for the previous tax years, priority would be accorded to data pertaining to sections 236C, 236G, 236H and 236K of the Ordinance.

Information regarding trips from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and data obtained from mobile phone companies will be utilized for the issuance of notices. It was also decided that data in respect of educational expenses under section 2361 of the Ordinance can be utilized for issuance of notices. In this regard, DG (Withholding) will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the directives.

It was decided that priority would be accorded to information regarding sale/purchase of immovable property, travel, educational expenses, motor car manufacturers and mobile companies.

However, tax broadening efforts on the basis of TPL data would be an ongoing exercise.

In the next meeting, the committee will be apprised of the progress made with regard to dissemination of information / service of notices by all BTB Zones, sources added.


FBR Increases Tax Revenue Collection By 16%

After a thorough discussion, it was decided that FBR Member IT would prepare a list of top 10,000 persons from whom advance tax under Section 236K would be collected. Their corresponding data from banks, telecommunication and Civil Aviation Authority would be correlated and consolidated to divide those 10,000 people under non-filers and filers.

The data of property buyers shall also be used for broadening of tax base, especially if they happen to be among the list of top 10,000 non-filers. For the filers, the data shall be used to examine if their expenses are commensurate with their sources of income.

  • and Whose Total is under Rs 10000 Should be Exempted from any Kind a tax Except Sale Tax

  • What about business operating without tax and without electronic payment gateways?? it is serious embarrassment that no restaurant in Karachi takes payment by debit card. All cash sale purchase evading tax radar completely.

    • Restaurants fall under the provincial domain. It’s Sindh govt’s job to ensure to pay taxes. Telecom on the other hand falls under the federal domain.

  • There are millions of overseas Pakistan Is who live outside and still pay bills for the families, buy properties as well. They should be excluded.

    • They are fools to send their money to Pakistan. They should be punished. Government is already talking of taxing remittances.

    • Remittance is usually excluded even in other countries. Because taxing that means people will stop or decrease amounts sending to a country to avoid taxes. That does not mean a foreigner buying property here will not be taxed. He will have to pay property tax.

  • Who spends that much on a mobile phone in ONE month lol this is unrealistic and stupid. Bhai yahan pay sari kom 50 rupay ka easyload karati.

  • Wait! We pay tax with every recharge, they are not even considering the tax we pay that way, but why?

  • They should just go with the flow and declare Pakistan a tax haven. Rely only on indirect taxes and stop collecting income tax. Disband the FBR since indirect taxes don’t require such a large govt. department. Reduce the size of the government in line with tax revenues. For example reduce spending on defence. We waste too much money on toys for the boys.

    We should also start advertising our maderssas overseas. Pakistan should own its status as the ultimate destination for jihadis. We can make a lot of money exporting education to muslims from around the world.

    • Seculars are known for having defective ape like brain since they are children of apes. (offence fully intended)

      • Muslims are mentally deficient because they are the product of incest. The original incest involving Adam’s children and the continuing incest of cousin marriages.

        • I am okay with “incest” that happened thousands or millions of years ago as long as there are no monkeys involved in my family chain.

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