Fauji Meat Ltd Launches Its First “Zabeeha” Brand Store in Karachi

Fauji Meat Limited (FML) has launched its brand store called “Zabeeha” ذبیحہ in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Karachi.

Zabeeha will sell 100 percent halal, fresh, frozen and hygienic meat to fulfill the desire of meat lovers. At Zabeeha, all types of Halal meat will be available including goat and buffalo meat, sea food, and chicken.

The meat store has been launched in 15 – C, Street 11, Badar Commercial, Phase 5, DHA, Karachi. They are also planning to start commercial operations by opening 19 other branches across the city.

Strategic Partnership

Additionally, ARY has entered into a “strategic partnership” with Fauji Meat through its ARY Sahulat card. ARY is also a strategic partner in this project.


ARY Sahulat Say Chalo is a New Competitor to Careem & Uber

The inauguration ceremony of Zabeeha was held on Wednesday with Fauji Fertilizer Binqasim Limited Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Lt. General R Javed Iqbal as the chief guest. Dignitaries from the city, senior army officers and citizens attended the inauguration.

In the welcoming note, Chief Operating Officer, Brig Abid Janjiana (retd) regarded the launch of Zabeeha as the success of Fauji Meat Limited in the local arena. Focusing on the quality standards, he said:

We take pride in owning the largest Halal Meat Processing Plant in South East Asia assembled with an aim and capacity to deliver distinctly flavorsome meat of Pakistan to the ever growing demand of the domestic and global market.

Furthermore, he added: “We are certified and approved to deliver the best flavor of Pakistan to the world around. In doing so, we strive to strengthen the local ecosystem as well by offering quality food to the fellow men through Zabeeha.”

The inroads into the commercial markets will help FFBL pick up its dwindling profits which have been declining continuously during the last few years.

About Fauji Group

Fauji Meat Limited was incorporated in 2013 as a Public Limited Company. It is a subsidiary of Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Ltd., the sole producer of Urea (Granular) and DAP fertilizer in Pakistan. FFBL & FML are part of Fauji Group, the largest conglomerate in Pakistan with interests in Fertilizer, Cement, Food, Power generation, Oil & Gas, LPG marketing and distribution, Employment and Security services.. The turnover of the group exceeds US$ 1.5 billion.

Fauji Meat

Fauji Meat is the largest producer and exporter of Halal red meat from Pakistan with a state-of-the-art meat processing facility near Karachi, spreading on 47 acres of land including a three-day animal holding area.

The plant has a slaughtering capacity of 30,000 tons per annum and offers Ovine, Bovine, Caprine and their processed as well as By-products in both frozen & chilled categories. Daily production capacity of the plant is 100 tons/day of Meat (85 tons of Beef & 15 tons of Mutton) in both Frozen & Chilled categories for worldwide export.

  • Pakistan Army should be listed in the stock exchange as they own multi-billion ventures around the country. Even tough we always ask for the accountability of our politicians, but why no one questions that why Armed Forces are involved in commercial activities?. Why no one questions our army?.
    My problem is that the money for most of these ventures comes from the defence budget. Someone should question that why the money of defence is spent on the commercial activities?.

    • What’s wrong if they are adding their part to the economy of Pakistan in a much organized way opposite to what our politicians are doing. Yes, they don’t have any right to do corruption and FYI, NAB has also lodged corruption cases against three Generals of Pak Army.

      • The biggest wrong is ‘its not part of their job description’. When you do everything other than what you are actually supposed to do, debacles like 65 and 71 happen. From property to cement to meat to fertiliser to CSD, a govt institute has grown into an empire. Hence, they don’t find themselves accountable to anyone in Pakistan, they have money in their kitty.

        • Truth is in-between somewhere. Whereas some limits must be imposed but it is also true that these enterprises are from Pension funds and other welfare funds and then use their income for welfare schemes. I think you perhaps don’t notice that similar schemes and enterprises exist for all other institutions as well like Police, WAPDA, RAILWAYS and so on but they fail or not in limelight. If you don’t know, visit E11 ISB, WAPDA Town Lahore and so on…. However, this is also true that Fauji Foundation is one of the most professionally run organizations in Pakistan and so are DHAs. Why don’t we ask about LDAs/CDAs etc., why are they so inefficient as they are?

          • If similar scheme exists anywhere, where on duty / serving people are running affairs for welfare of ex employees etc must be banned hence forth. The issue is that you can’t actually compare CDA / LDA etc with fauji enterprise. CDA / LDA are governmental organisations, are accountable to government, have their public audits done and deposit their earnings in govt treasury. Only the govt is legally and morally mandated to ascertain what is the best use of public money. Earning from fauji enterprises don’t go in govt treasury, govt has no control over it. Govt may introduce a separate institute that looks after the welfare of ex employees but active duty employees must be barred from such activities.

            • If the government itself was ethically inclined — it would be in position to question.
              However Dacoits do not have the moral fortitude to ask for answers from petty thieves.
              And in this case for sure Army as an institution has the most upstanding and outstanding moral character when compared to any political party anywhere in the country.

              • I do agree. Morons in parliament are one step ahead of military industrial complex and that’s why this circus of legitimacy continue to haunt us. Well, for the last para, this is not the case. Politicos get shredded by media on corruption of even few lacs, same is not the case with holy cows. There are no of reasons for that and, yes, they’d easily beat petty politicians with regards to amount in kitty.

    • “My problem is that the money for most of these ventures comes from the defence budget.”

      You are wrong. Not even Rs. 1 is spent on ANY commercial activity of Fauji Foundation. Check your facts first before believing this false propaganda spread by anti-Army journalists & politicians.

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