NHA Finally Approves Peshawar Bypass Project After 15 Years

The National Highway Authority (NHA) Executive Board has approved the revised PC-I of Peshawar northern bypass project, amounting to Rs 21.34 billion, which is more than double (237.02 percent) of the initially approved PC-I cost of Rs 9.6 billion.

According to official documents, the project was scheduled for completion in 2011-12, which has now being revised to 2018-19, with an entailing cost enhancement of Rs 21.34 billion to Central Development Working Party (CDWP) /ECNEC.

The PC-1 was prepared at a cost of Rs 9.6 billion based on CSR-2009 rates whereas ECNEC rationalized its cost up to Rs.9.002 billion. Originally PC-1 was approved on CSR-2009 rates. However except Package-1 and 3A, bids of Package-2 and 3-B were approved on CSR-2014 rates. Hence the current construction bid cost of all packages stands at Rs. 9.596 billion.

Moreover additional structures which were not included in the original PC-1, whereas due to site requirements it was required in all packages which increased the construction cost of all packages to Rs 11.135 billion. In addition to that, contingencies charges, NHA establishment charges, design & supervision charges, cost of escalation, cost of land acquisition & relocation of utilities and environmental charges also increased the estimated cost up to Rs 21.338 billion.

The substantial growth of new housing colonies and commercial areas built along the project alignment has resulted in overwhelming increase in the cost of land. Due to inclusion of additional structures, embankment height and earth work quantities were also increased.

In the original PC-1, the project was planned for completion by 4th quarter of fiscal year 2011-12, but has been delayed much beyond its target date. It was also due to delay in procurement proceedings as only 7.6 km portion (Package-1) was awarded on 9th February, 2010. However, due to delay in land acquisition and delay in relocation of utilities it was completed by 24th September, 2014 instead of 2011.


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The 11.9km portion (Package-2) was awarded on 22nd September, 2015 and original completion was 21st March, 2017. However, due to delay in land acquisition and delay in relocation of utilities, it was extended up to 15th September, 2018 and only 6.0% progress has been achieved so far.

Further 5.38 km portion (Package-3A) was awarded on 3rd July, 20 13 and original completion was 4th October, 2014. Due to delay in land acquisition and delay in relocation of utilities it is proposed for extension up to 31st Aug, 2018 and currently 35% progress has been achieved.

The last portion of PNBP is package-3B comprising 5.736km length where procurement formalities are nearing completion and letter of acceptance was issued to a successful bidder on 7th August, 2017. After verification of performance guarantees, a contract will be signed. The expected completion period of package-3B is 18 months.

The PNBP was initially a part of Peshawar ring road, which was handed over to NHA in 2003. The original project was approved by the ECNEC on 4th August 2005, at a cost of Rs 3.078 billions. However, due to certain impeding factors including excessive urbanization, aggravated by issues relating to land acquisition and the bypass alignment, the project was resurveyed. Subsequently further modification was made in the alignment which was selected for the project with a total length of 32.2 km.

The revised PC-l was prepared with an amount of Rs 9.6 billions, whereas ECNEC approved an amount of Rs 9.002 billion. The project was taken up in July 2009, and was scheduled for completion in 36 months i.e. by the end of financial year 2011-12.

The revised scheme is 32.2 km long, 4 lane bypass with service roads on either side, on the Northern side of Peshawar city. The revised scheme is under construction along a new alignment passing through agricultural land.

The proposed bypass will take off from the Peshawar main toll plaza of the Motorway M- 1 (end point) and head towards Jamrud on the National Highway N-5. It will pass through the North of Peshawar city, providing connection with the Motorway network.

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