PIA to Spend Over Rs. 11 Crore to Repaint Each Plane With the New Logo: Experts

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) recently announced a revamped brand identity and, well, it has come at a cost. According to the official announcement, the planes will now carry the logo of the national animal “Markhor”.

PIA told that it is keen on preserving the national animal and it is one of the reasons why the redesign is taking place.

An expert on finance, Athar Ansari, says that the extravagant spending will cost the airlines millions of dollars. Ansari added,

The cost of painting on each plane is around $1 to 1.5 million.

The figure of Rs. 115-170 million per plane, all for a new logo, sounds overwhelming and a bit too much.


PIA is Planning to Decorate its Aircraft to Highlight Pakistan’s National Animal, Markhor

The Upgrade

The last time PIA updated its logo was back in 2010. Repainting of the aircraft is also done after a gap of 25 years.

The CEO of the national flag carrier told;

Official logo of PIA has been changed with the image of national animal Markhor and administration of the national carrier constantly trying to achieve the target to make PIA a top of the list airline of the world.

PIA will unveil its upgraded planes at the inauguration ceremony of the new Islamabad International Airport. The redesign is receiving some opposition from within the company as certain officials are not in favor of replacing the national flag with the national animal’s logo.

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  • Change the exterior colour but not the services. I travelled 4 times and not even once the in-flight tv system worked. The staff hardly passes by so you don’t ask for anything.

  • Lolzz.. Who asked these money monsters – why need of such repaint/re brand.. Instead of more and more facilitate – now Flag replaced with Markhor- What prevention Govt took to save Markhor, Still killing in Pakistan at Highest Paid Cost.

  • Look no further than who got the contract and who played part in getting them the contract.

  • We don’t know what to prioritize or what not to. Instead of fixing PIA we are painting the stupid aircrafts. It will not change the image of the airline or service.

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