This Pakistani Entrepreneur is Helping the Youth Build Their Own Stores on Amazon

Amazon, eBay or Paypal accounts cannot be officially opened or registered in Pakistan. However, Sunny Ali, the founder, and CEO of e-commerce venture Extreme Commerce has the solution to these issues for young entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

Mr Ali claims that about $ 1 billion per annum in sales from can be added into Pakistan’s economy by enabling thousands of young Pakistani entrepreneurs to set up online accounts on Amazon and start selling their products. In fact, this process has already begun.

Sunny is training entrepreneurs on how to use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) fulfillment services so that they can sell their products on Amazon from Pakistan. By making use of FBA, many Pakistani entrepreneurs are finding out how easily they can scale up their businesses.

About Sunny Ali

Sunny Ali is the founder and CEO of Extreme Commerce. He founded Extreme Commerce to enable young entrepreneurs in Pakistan to build and scale their online businesses on Amazon.

Mr Sunny’s vision is to create 10,000 Amazon FBA Entrepreneurs who can generate $ 1 billion in annual revenue for Pakistan. Furthermore, he hopes that these 10,000 sellers would end up creating more economic opportunities for 50,000 people, helping them build and sustain an ecosystem of Amazon Entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

Mr Sunny’s vision has already helped thousands of young entrepreneurs build their online stores via Amazon’s Fulfillment network and infrastructure.

To accomplish his vision, he recommends 5 steps/stages for building an online Amazon FBA business from Pakistan.

First stage

For the first stage, Mr Ali helps you solve the following issues:

  • How to get the ID up and running and understand taxation system of different countries?
  • How exactly to get the account up and running through legal entities around the world (such as LLC in US or Ltd company in UK or through Estonian E-Residence program, and various different methods)?
Second stage

For this stage, Sunny guides you through finding the right product to market.

He states that one must learn about data points and how to hunt for scores using Jungle Scout and Market Intelligence tools. Furthermore, traders should also know how to check search volumes using tools like Merchantwords before finalizing a product to be launched – a product that must have a high volume of search and yet low competition – and ideally a score 7-8 within 100k of search volumes.

Third stage

How to build this product as your private label brand? How to do sourcing, branding, packaging, logistics just right? And finally, how to get this product right from China or Pakistan all the way to Amazon’s door. These are the questions that Mr. Ali helps you tackle in the third stage.

Fourth stage

After your listing is finally up on Amazon, Ali guides you about how can you get to Page 1 of Amazon. He outlines the strategy and time it takes for your listing to reach page 1, and help you increase conversions.

Fifth stage

Once you have established your FBA sales network and start receiving 1000-1500 monthly orders, it’s time for you to move on to other markets and start building your brand on Shopify, eBay, and other platforms.


Amazon Wants to Enter Pakistan Via a Partnership With a Local Online Store: Report

Ali also details how to integrate those platforms with your account so that you can avail automatic shipping for your orders from Amazon FBA to eBay or Shopify buyers.

How Does Extreme Commerce Plan to Achieve this Goal?

Sunny Ali claims that his 5 step method has already helped thousands of young entrepreneurs already, who are learning the tricks of the trade through his Facebook and YouTube videos. Besides this, Sunny has also held a few localized training sessions in major Pakistani cities.

According to him, hundreds of sellers have been produced within these past few months, with many successful young entrepreneurs selling $20,000-30,000 of goods per month on average. The data, as well as the sellers’ references, are available on Extreme Commerce already.

Mr Ali hopes to educate the masses and develop their skills so that they can get investments for their product launches. The ecosystem that Extreme Commerce has developed is helping hundreds of people attract investment while they’re building their skills through Amazon product launches.

  • I would suggest people to be careful here, and ProPK to be selective in sponsored posts:

    -10k USD/month translates to 120k per year not 100k
    -Pakistan will not get $1bn, at least 70-80% would go back as product cost
    -US LLCs with new rules, UK LLPs, etc. all need to be carefully planned and structured (cost of compliance goes in thousands of dollars per year).

    Now someone selling 100k a year, would have say a 20% margin. I cannot imagine someone to be able to hire people, account for 3-4% banking costs on transfers between countries, and also be compliant with tax legislation. The rules for US LLCs have changed last year, and now SSN/ITIN is required. Messing up with taxes will haunt you while travelling.

    On a side note, this guy should be making great money himself before he sells his tricks to others. What stops him from having a decent video and audio setup for recording his pitch ? Doesn’t it all look too good to be true.

    Finally, for tax & business structure advice always consult a licensed CPA/qualified accountant.

    My two cents.

    • I’m sure, you don’t know the guy very well. Mr. Sunny is doing amazing with this business and he must have all of the questions of your answers. You just need to post these question in specified group.

    • If you read carefully, post does not say 1B profit but sales. However, even a small profit will be too much for our youth so we really don’t spend time thinking of these numbers. Every individual must do own case calculation to understand if it makes or not.

      Secondly, if someone can do everything by himself then he don’t need to hire a person. But an entrepreneur/ business professional will disagree. You need to delegate to develop business.

      I don’t support your logic on how to judge someone’s success. I will request Sunny to make a decent video next time for you to believe in him :-)

  • Lol this is sponsor post and the method is 101% illegal they will ban your account anytime and you will left with nothing… Propakistani khud ka pait palany k leye dosro ki jaib khali na karo…

    • That’s what his motive is to teach people how to adopt this business legally and how someone from Pakistan can run Amazon business with legal ways.

  • I am not affiliated to him or Extreme Commerce but I do respect this guy. I have gone through plenty of his videos. He does posses high caliber knowledge and he has uploaded a lot of videos on his facebook about how to setup the account either through foreign company or foreign partnership and he shows how to rank your keyword on Amazon. All his videos are free and shared by hundreds of people already. He does answer questions for free in his group and I am member of his group and not paying anything to him and I have not joined any of his training and I was able to get my ID after learning all the techniques. I did not get my ID through LLC. I obtained it from Bangladesh using EBL card as recommended by Sunny. I have not launched any product yet but I already finalized one product and he gave me his advise about that product, kewyord and ranking strategy without myself paying anything to him. I am following him closely. My conclusion is that he is teaching it all for free and I have learnt so far for free.

  • Dear Readers,

    Please guide on what basis your are saying he is scam?

    Did any one lost his money by joing his tranining course?
    Did he snatch any one money?

    If above two things happened please give proof here so that we all beleive he is scam.

    Do you thing selling on Amazon from Pakistan is scam?
    If this is a scam then lets discuss in detail.

    Last thing if the people who are selling on amazon and abusing him and giving him the title of sammer then its due to your fear that your business will suffer if new people compete with you, this fear is mis leading, lot of people of the world are selling similar products and everyone getting their share.


    Doubt kills more dreams , than failure ever will (SUZY KESSEM)

    Waiting the response……

    • NO RESPONSE ??????????

      Please tell what is the scam so we can save people of Pakistan.

      If he did scam with you please share detail with proof…or its just negativity same our media do to criticize good efforts ……..

      We are spending our hard earn money on AMAZON if you have any proof of scam please share.

  • His original name is kashif,he is a Australian national living in malaysia and he is doing this business for a long time now..
    I have attended his seminar and now going through his boot camp and everything seems legit..
    If you are skillfull enough he provides you with investors where you can become 50 percent partner i.e your skills investors money..
    Successful boot camp students are also interviewed on fan page.
    I trusted him with my hard earned money because of the structured approach of the business that he preaches where you buy from one market in wholesale and sell in retail market of USA to earn profits..this is how business works…scams work in different way where you are promised the money will be doubled in days..
    So the verdict is that one needs to understand his training business model is designed to be profitable but that doesn’t mean its a scam..
    If any discrepancies are found along the way i will be the first to raise voice on social media and legal ways against them..
    Danish raza

  • Before labeling it as scam, people should understand and watch his videos. What he is teaching is 100% legitimate business model. Most of us being ordinary pakistanis dont have access to sell in international markets, dont have access to legitimate payment gateways. This guy is giving us direction and a legitimate business model to sell in international markets using amazon as platform and on top of that giving us right education and knowledge to succeed in this business. Like any other business, the business at an individual level could fail also but that doesnot mean that what this guy is teaching is a scam

  • I am a seller on Amazon. Selling for 7 years already on Amazon UK. I had similar ideas about someone trying to scam Pakistani people but after meeting Sunny personally and going through all his videos and watching his posts and the way he is helping people I appreciate his efforts. He is genuinely putting efforts.

    Those ranting here, I want to ask them one question. If you have been selling for many years on Amazon from Pakistan. How many people have you helped within your family or friends? Did you guide anyone or helped anyone? You can rant about your own failure on Amazon just because you think you don’t make money on Amazon and it is difficult to make money on Amazon then why are you even selling for 8 years or 10 years then? It means you still can make some money or you can still manage to survive all these years running it from Pakistan and you are using Amazon account of your uncle or chacha or whatever. So what’s wrong if someone is trying to educate the masses about it? And if you think he is just making money for himself then let it be because there are too many fake trainers and coaches everywhere and everyone makes money in coaching but not everyone ever can have this huge following and respect like this guy. You only get this huge following when you are real and legit and you gain people’s respect. So yes, this guy is indeed respected by thousands of his followers right now and I also respect him for the fact that he answer every question from everyone without asking them for money and if anyone want to join his training course then it’s up to them but he is not forcing everyone to join his training course before he is able to help them. He is helping enough people for free already.

  • Mr.Sunny is a great personality and Amazon experienced entrepreneur and his training programs are 100% legit. I am from Afghanistan an I was really impressed by Sir Sunny on their FB group after which I decided and joined their Seminar held in Islamabad on March 11 and also met with Mr.Sunny. I have followed each and every post/event by Extreme Commerce from the past several months now. they will definitely be earning through their training programs but I must say that earning is nothing to the value people get end of the day, they help and train people establish their business on Amazon and have a permanent income stream started, I am about to pass Stage 1 (partnered with a friend in Sweden) which was never possible without his advice and I have to say that he is doing a wonderful, non-stop job for Pakistan.

  • Summary …….. SCAM you cant sell on Amazon , if you want to sell , then sell it on ebay thousands of pakistani are doing it

    • So you are saying, you cannot sell on Amazon from Pakistan but you can sell on ebay from Pakistan? You don’t know ebay and paypal both are not supported in Pakistan? And if you can sell on ebay from Pakistan then surely you can also sell on Amazon from Pakistan too. Please go and learn first.

      • Paypal is not supported in paksitan , i know but its not just paypal there are other payement gateways , also getting valid paypal account is easy , everyone have someone in foreign countries , my own friend is using his brother UK payapal account . also come to peshawar visit Namak Mandi then you will know how the sell online where they sell , Namka Mandi peshawar its center of international online business they sell precious stones it different markets , my own friend sell it ebay

  • Still nobody explain what scam hi did with someone? they are just want to tell selling on Amazon as a Pakistani is scam ?

    If a Pakistani is in Canada and selling on amazon , is it a sacm? If he did partnership with a Pakistani National and Pakistani Partner do all the tasks online it is a scam?

    or Mr. Sunny Ali did any scam with any one? Please give proof as well

  • I am associated with Sunny as a student/ partner. I did NOT see anyone like him who is sharing a great knowledge for free. How you can say someone scam when you don’t have any argument to suppprt? You can learn every single thing for free! If you don’t want to invest in establishing business abroad, find a partner. I can find you ID + investor if you have skills. However this business is not walk in park. You will not learn it in a day or two. Visit extreme commerce group and see how much you are getting for free. After this , just show me any single group or YouTube or anyone who is delivering this much free.

    Please understand this is a business and not all business are for everyone. If all this does not make sense to you, stay away but don’t call it scam.

  • Beware Guys!

    Amazon FBA is not profitable if you are planning to sell from Pakistan on a small scale.

    It is easier and more profitable to sell a course rather than selling on Amazon that is why everyone is selling an Amazon Course. Haven’t you notice this trend nowadays?

    The Trainers will show you a dream, lure you by explaining how big Amazon is and how people are making money on Amazon.

    The only thing you have to do is: find a good product and send it to Amazon that is it.

    Amazon will do the rest. They will pack it, ship it and provide all the customer support.

    You will make money while you are asleep and there isn’t any better model than FBA.

    Yayy! You are ready to lose your wallet because you want to earn while you are asleep. And trainer will assure you that he has a secret formula to find a good product.

    Chal Bhai Abb Zammen Per Wapas Aa Jaaa.

    Here is the reality: Amazon charges you around 35% of your selling price. I repeat “they charge you on your selling price”.

    Meaning if your product cost is dollars $ 8 and you sell it for $13.88 then Amazon cut is $4.86 at each sale.

    Groos profit = Selling price – Amazon cut – your cost so, $13.88 – $ 4.86 -$ 8 = $1.02

    Now our gross profit is $1.02.

    Hold on, we are not done yet. we haven’t calculated storage fees, return products loss etc… You will also pay Amazon pro account monthly fees that is $39.99.

    There are other additional charges as well but time being yahan break lgatay hain.

    Zra Socho bahi 8 dollar kee product $13.88 mein bee sale ker k faida nahi hoo rha hai, on top of that Amazon pay you after two weeks.

    Is it mean that people are not making money on Amazon?

    Nope. But most of them live abroad, and they are working on a large scale.

    Normally people are working on thin margins. Let’s say 2 to 5 percent

    So it is no way, a get rich quick scheme, and there isn’t anything secret in this business.

    For you, you have many additional hurdles. And trust me registering a business abroad is the easiest one.

    You also need to hire an accountant to file your taxes in states. Normally, these accountants work on monthly retainer that is expensive. You will also pay conversion charges when you receive money in Pakistan.

    So guys run your number before buying any course/training.

    I am not against any paid course, and I do not want to discourage anyone to sell on Amazon but you guys need to know the bigger picture.

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