Angry Younis Khan Posts a Video on Social Media After Being Humiliated By the PCB

The legendary Pakistani batsman, Younis Khan, recently announced that he will be pursuing a career in coaching and to take things further, he joined a Level 3 Coaching Course in Lahore at the National Cricket Academy (NCA).

However, things have quickly deteriorated and the 40-year-old is returning home and has decided to give up on coaching before even starting the training.

Younis Khan recorded a video message and uploaded on his Twitter account which revealed the pathetic treatment from PCB and NCA management.

This is what he said in the video message:

I have arrived here in Lahore at the National Cricket Academy (NCA). As you all know I am here to take part on Level 3 course. But bad luck is that, when I reached here, there was no information about me.

I came here after receiving a mail from NCA, in which it was written that it will be an honor for us if you participate in this training program. This message motivated me and led me to here.

When I arrived, I was asked to stay in this room for a night, which belongs to a senior management official. I can’t stay here without permission, so I have decided to travel back to Karachi.

I can’t take part in the course, where I was asked to use someone’s room without their consent or knowledge. It will be an embarrassment for Younis Khan.

Here is the actual video message which Younis Khan uploaded:

Following his post, it went viral and suddenly everybody had something to say on the matter. Some people argued that Younis Khan should have dealt with the matter internally and should not have made a public scene whereas others claim that a legend such as himself should be treated with a little more humility. It is pretty common for board officials to mistreat retired players as multiple former legends have shared their experiences publicly.

Syed Yahya Hussaini, Pakistani Sports Journalist, also replied to Younis’s tweet and showed support:

A person argued that Younis’ ego has been the downfall of his career but it was matched with a fitting response:

The matter also brought up old wounds of Younis’ potential being wasted towards the end of his career:

Some even said that despite the room belonging to a ‘senior official’, it looked rather odd:

It is true that the likes of India help promote their national stars whereas Pakistan does not do anything to preserve the legacy of the players. It has happened before way too many times and it is happening again:

Lastly, a tweet to sum up the situation and to draw a comparison between how much PCB has to improve from within and not just from the surface:

This was tweeted by Shane Watson who went to India to play IPL 2018. He was not only met with a 5-star hotel facility but also with personalized merchandises and a brand new kit bag.

It might not be a huge issue but the fact that PCB is yet to make a statement on this incident shows their lack of professionalism and bias towards their own agendas. Legends are forever and preserving their legacy is part of the board’s job.

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  • Why are you comparing Watson with Younis? Watson is a ‘gora’ coming to play in a 3rd world country, that too for IPL, sure he will receive such treatment, even in Pakistan they receive that. It would be better if you tell us how BCP treats its native retired players for a fair comparison.

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