Benazir Bhutto Airport is Shutting Down on April 20

As the new Islamabad International Airport is nearing its inauguration date, an official circular has been issued by Pakistan International Airline’s BBI General Manager which confirms that Benazir Bhutto International Airport will close down on 20th April at 10 AM.

At exactly 10 AM, Islamabad International Airport will begin its operation and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will cease its operations in Benazir Bhutto airport on 20th April at 2 PM. All of its flights will get transferred to Islamabad International Airport and will start its operation there at 10 AM.

Shift plan of PIA BBIAP to IIAP

Islamabad International Airport’s formal inauguration has been moved further, from 23rd April to 1st May, however, it will become partially operational on 20th April according to the initial plan. The new airport recently faced some problems related to water leakages and electricity shortages and such issues will continue for the time being.

But seeing recent developments, Islamabad International Airport is finally getting inaugurated and there should not be any further delays. Of course, we can expect mishaps and technical errors here and there as there are still some security problems and other issues that will need some work.

If you have a flight to or from Islamabad, its advisable to recheck your flight schedule and make sure that you reach the right airport on time. Do note that Islamabad International Airport is close to Fateh Jang which is more than an hour’s drive from Islamabad, so you should plan accordingly.

You can check out Islamabad International Airport in pictures here.

  • Just came back from New Islamabad International Airport. Felt so shocked and sad to see how the green belts (in centre of roads) have been wiped off to make way for metro bus. I am not at all against metro or any other mode of transport but keeping your cities clean, neat and beautiful is also your responsibility. I would have liked to see if they ran maglev from airport to Serena, if our pockets allowed that. But Mr. Sharif and his ignorant thug party have completely demolished what once used to be Islamabad’s trademark beauty.

    Felt so good and thankful to all those who have kicked this moron out of power and humiliated him the way he truly deserved. Any and all of you, even those who are his biggest fans and supporters, please go visit yourself and just see the ugliness this man has brought all along the Kashmir highway up through Airport. A track could easily have been built on the side(s) but it seems as if this man has some special hatred with Islamabad or greenery for that matter. What a ba****d.

    Their trademark jangla looks so horrific and pathetic. I wish the next govt rips apart this nonsense and designs it a much better way. Same is the case with blue area Islamabad which once used to look awesome, now completely consumed by jangla.

    • The blinds in our society cannot see but they ll still vote for this party even if those culprits looted our pockets in broad daylight.

      Even our so called intellectuals and literate youth’s brains go defunct when it comes to PML N.

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