The Most Comprehensive Look at the New Islamabad Airport So Far! [Photos]

The all-new Islamabad International Airport is set to start operations on the 20th of April.

The project saw many bumps along the way including multiple construction and inauguration delays. However, with a mock test flight already concluding successfully at the new airport last week, and with everything else ready, Islamabad’s newest airport will open its doors to everyone this month.

The new Islamabad Airport is being hailed as the most advanced airport in Pakistan. Do you think that it fits that tag? For now, we’ll let these pictures speak for themselves.


The Islamabad International Airport’s VVIP Lounge is as Premium as They Come [Photos]

Let’s take a look at everything it has to offer:

To the Airport

A metro bus route is under construction as well, that will link Peshawar Mor (Kashmir Highway) directly to the airport.

Runway and Exterior

Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC)

Interior and the Inside

VVIP Lounge

The Mosque