Cars From Other Provinces Will Need to Be Re-Registered in Punjab Within 60 Days

Punjab Excise and Taxation Department has announced that it is mandatory for all vehicles that were registered in other provinces, to undergo registration in Punjab again. These vehicles need to be re-registered if their driving period in Punjab exceeds 60 days.

Vehicles which have been registered under Federal, Balochistan, Sindh, and KPK’s number plates will need to apply for a new one in Punjab. Only then will they be allowed to be driven in the province.

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that this step should be done within 60 days of entering Punjab. Previously, the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2016 required car owners to register their vehicles only if their duration of stay exceeded 120 days. This new move is sure to cause a lot of hassle to the residents of federal regions and other provinces.

This was stated by Excise and Taxation Department, Punjab’s Additional DG Mr. Chaudhry Masood Ul-Haq.


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Apparently, non-Punjab registered vehicles have been difficult to trace in criminal situations because their registry is not present in Punjab’s database. The DG says,

Mostly, everyone has observed that there are many cars having the number plate of other provinces, mostly Federal and Sindh number plate. These owners prefer to pay token tax in their own provinces, and don’t pay token tax in Punjab, which hurts Punjab’s economy and the other reason is that if that vehicle is involved in any kind of crime or violation then it gets difficult for the authorities to keep track of them as there is no record of that car in our database.

This is an odd disclosure because the databases should be linked and Punjab-based authorities should have access to national data. For now, there’s no official confirmation about when this change will be implemented.

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  • So a person need to pay twice just to drive legally. Some time I wonder who makes such laws instead of making a one link data base.

    • It’s All Anguta Chaaap Administrator / Assembly Person :
      They didn’t talked with public for advising us how to work on this situation : How to implement a new rules ? how to apply and what’s the plus and minus point ????

  • 1st i thought this never gona happen but then i guess i ll be bcoz they have just started e challan system in big cities, which need computerized registration, so it might be real

  • Apart from the article itself, one thing i found of my interest is the number plate key chain. I am gonna order one for myself. :)

  • what abt residents of Isb who frequently travel to Rwp??, do they need to re-register with Punjab Govt,

  • karachi reg car sasti price mei lo aur punjab me punjab ka num laga lo ur mehngi behco

  • Where is the source of this news from Punjab Excise and Taxation Department department ? Can’t find anything on their site.

  • This is hilarious and unfortunate at the same time. Is punjab a different country now? If every other province and territory and province start this, then people will stuck in these excise and taxation offices, which believe me, you don’t wanna go into, due to rush, lack of attention/support and lazy staff.

  • فکر ناٹ یہ ایمپلی ٹ نہیں ہو سکتا میں روز راولپنڈی سے اسلام آباد جاتا ہوں اب وہ کیسے پتا کریں گے کہ میں 60 دن سے پنڈی میں رہ رہا ہوں قانون میں اتنے مسلے ہیں کہ 2 دن میں عدالت اس کو ختم کرے گی

  • hahaha, foolish officers foolish suggestions. They need to synchronise their databases instead of creating caos amongst the people.

  • There is also a law that if you move to different city then re-register your car with new number from excise of new district. No one cares about such bullsh*t laws. No one can trace if you stayed in a province for more than 60 days. So chill.
    On the other hand all the registration data is digitized and even an ordinary citizen can check in whose name a car is registered. So why can’t excise sc*umbags not check that by entering vehicle registration number?

  • o bhai toa punjab excise baki provinces sey data le le…yeh kamye ka nay tareeq.ab loans liye toa samjh nahi a rahi kaha sey utarey

  • Ye Punjab Police mobile phone number ya IMEI se kaise banda trace kar leti hai ya CNIC number se address kaise pata chal jata hai inhen…
    Shayad ab Pakistani se ziada Punjabi hone ki value ho gi

  • Total bullshit decision made by authorities with no vision about the impact and complications of the decision. This show that they need the tax money that is being paid in the account of other provinces. As the technology has evolved since years and every province has built their databases then why it is difficult to get the required data on requirement. It’s only the matter of money and that’s it. We should think about national level interest instead of province level to deposit the due taxes.

  • In addition to this, every person whose vehicle is registered from other province will mark an attendance while entering in Punjab and would mark sign out when coming back so that Punjab Excise department can get information about their stay in this province. what a great bullshit, again!

  • This is the most hilarious news i ever heard. I feel pity for the person who purposed this law. I just wonder have he gone to any school.

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