PIA Has Some Bad News If You Have an International Flight from Islamabad

The national flag carrier of Pakistan has made a pretty demanding announcement on the social media “guiding” people on how to catch the flight in time if you plan to travel via Islamabad International Airport. If you don’t want to miss your all-important flight, you must reach the airport at least 5 hours prior to the flight’s departure time.

According to Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) announcement, this early arrival is due to the congested traffic on the roads leading to the airport.

Multiple security checkpoints have been established at the Islamabad International Airport. PIA told that traffic gets jammed during these security checkups so arriving 5 hours early is the only optimal solution.


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The Announcement 

Here is what PIA’s message reads;

Valued PIA customers, in light of the traffic congestion due to strict security checks at entry points of the new Islamabad International Airport, you are kindly requested to report at least 5 hours prior to departure time for your international flights. Your convenience is our foremost priority.

The airline sent out the “special message” to its customers via its Twitter account.


The last line of the message seems really ironic as getting to the airport 5 hours prior to the departure time is indeed very “convenient”.

  • why doesn’t the security agency deploy modern surveillance systems combined with explosive detection pathways for vehicles……this old fashioned technique of face reading by policemen has never worked… I wonder why things don’t improve in Pakistan

      • thats my point…the security check prior to the airport needs to be executed by computers not humans. I can’t understand how security forces could check 9 million passengers per year+ their friends & family members without completely choking the traffic flow

    • they will not be able to torture the tax payers, if they do as the whole world do ;-)
      while the thiefs will get the VVIP protocols and check post free routes. there is no such things as customer in the government or any associated departments.

  • I believe there is total ignorance for customer services in Pakistan.They want the people to just suffer.

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