Offers Rashan Box Service Facilitating Generous Acts of Giving

The more you think about investing your energy, time and money in something, the harder it looks, especially during the busy month of Ramadan.

But don’t worry, has its shoppers covered. It cares not only for your grocery needs but also for the needs of your soul. It realizes the everyday problems faced by you due to your tiring schedules, everyday fasting and changed routines. Therefore, mycart wants its shoppers to connect to this holy month in the most devoted way.

Yet again, mycart offers the service of Rashan Pack to facilitate the humanitarian and generous acts of charity of its shoppers through a convenient, fast and trouble-free opportunity.


mycart Brings ‘Grand Ramzan Festival’ with Grand Discounts

Your efforts to earn the maximum rewards by helping the less fortunate just got the easiest!

This time mycart introduces 2 Rashan packs. These Rashan Packs are complete sets of essential Ramzan grocery items which are:

Rashan Pack 1 Rashan Pack 2
Sugar 1kg Sugar 1 Kg
Shehzada Rice 1kg Shehzada Rice 1 kg
Bake Parlor Aata 5kg Bake Parlor Atta 5 Kg
Red Quice 800ml Quice Rooh-e-Shireen
Tullo Oil 1 ltr Tullo Oil 1 Ltr Pouch
Nice Dates 200gm Nice Dates 200g
Shan Vermicelli 150gm Shan Vermicelli 150g
Tapal 475gm Tapal 190gm
Hub Pak Namak 800g Hub Pak Namak 800g
Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1299.00


Now, you can order these Rashan Packs for only Rs. 1,299 and Rs. 999 respectively and get it delivered to your desired address absolutely stress-free. Because being the reason of someone’s well-fed stomach is definitely very rewarding.

With your assistance, the Rashan Packs will brighten up the households of those in reduced circumstances. You order, we deliver. So go to and send someone a reason for their happiness this Ramzan.