Pakistan Space Centre to be Set Up for Satellite Development and Production

Pakistan has added the establishment of country’s first-ever satellite development and production facility in its development plan for 2018-19. The facility will be called Pakistan Space Centre (PSC), according to the Associated Press of Pakistan, and it will have the capability to manufacture, test, integrate, launch and carry out various satellite related operations. PSC will also have the capacity to perform system level assembly of the satellites.


The feasibility studies for the two new projects will be done in the upcoming days as well. These projects include;

  • Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite 02 (PRSS-02), and,
  • Pakistan Navigation Satellite System (PakNav).

The PakNav will be aimed at providing an independent navigation system to Pakistan – for both civilian and strategic uses.

The remote sensing satellite was to be launched in March, however, it got delayed due to some reasons. Pakistan still hopes to launch the satellite in 2018 so we will have to wait until the actual launch to say anything for sure.


Pakistan and China to Launch a Communications Satellite for DTH Services

The initiative, if it becomes a reality, would be a big step forward to the space development programs in Pakistan.

The Other Programs

Pakistan and China recently signed an agreement for the development and launch of PakSat Multi-Mission Satelite (PakSat-MM1) as well. PakSat-MM1 will primarily function as a communications satellite with the capability to provide Direct-to-Home (DTH) services.


The agreement was signed between China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) and Pakistan. As per the MoU, CGWIC and Pakistan will share the cost of the production, launch, and operations of the satellites equally.


  • That’s great news, two thumbs up!
    Best of Luck the team behind the PSC, and hope to listen the good news from them in the near future.

  • our current GDP doesn’t afford PSC. I believe collecting income tax from liable is more important than any other project after curbing corruption.

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