LUMS Students Get an Insight on How Zong 4G Has Evolved

Zong 4G continues to embark on its journey to create awareness about its 4G services and how the company intends to evolve as it moves towards 5G. It recently conducted an awareness session to highlight the same in one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

Cognizant to its aim of revolutionizing the digital landscape in Pakistan, the session detailed how the company intends to develop the 4G ecosystem in Pakistan that has the potential to radically transform our global outlook and economic progression.

Highlighting Zong 4G’s journey as the No. 1 4G data network nationwide, the session revealed that its parent organization, China Mobile Communication Corporation, played a huge role in its leadership role in the country’s telecoms sector. Likewise, the content of the session also highlighted the paradigm shifts in technology that contributed to the emergence of new opportunities to reinvent and offer best services to customers.


Zong 4G Educates Students on Digital Innovation at CMPak Headquarters

IoT is the future, and in this respect, Zong shared information regarding smart solutions based on M2M and IoT technologies with students.  Additionally, it laid out the pivotal role of 5G, which will be an essential driver for customer innovation, data-driven optimization and automation, transformation, development of entirely new applications and business models across the sector and beyond.

Zong continued to give students a glimpse at real world 4G applications and how they can transform our society as a whole. With a 4G research lab already established in LUMS in 2017, the students were excited to advance their academic endeavors with the latest technological trends.

Zong 4G hopes that these sessions go a long way in spreading awareness for the need and utility of high speed 4G internet in the country, helping lead Pakistan towards digitalization.

  • MAS

    why word “LUMS” has to be highlighted in news all the time while other universities are being ignored.This is insane and total discrimination of others. If its the best, that doesnt mean its the only one. There are plenty of others that are delivering world class business education.

    • Netherdrake

      It deserves to be highlighted because it is truly the best university in Pakistan. Why are you acting so jealous? If you deserve it then you can go to LUMS even if you are poor. They provide financial aid. I have seen people getting 100% financial aid and that is amazing from LUMS.

      • Abdul Moiz

        Yeah but they give aid rarely…even if the person is deserving…I have seen majority of deserving candidates being given admission but denied aid…and there they say “Financial circumstances are no barrier to study at lums”. But they are, truly.

        • saad

          They Does. I’m on 100% scholarship + Monthly Stipend

          • MAS

            many universities offer financial aid programs. Comsats has one of the best and has tons of scholarship programs. and u also dont need to give back the money most of the times as comsats pays for the student.

      • MAS

        All i can do is laugh at your guys attitude. Over confidence only leads to destruction. I have meet 100 of guys and gals from lums and sorry to say that dont know the world out side it.
        and where is lums in over all word ranking….no where. even Nust and QAU are way way ahead of it. But dont get highlighted. Yes, lets agree there MBA program is quality one. But dont forget IBA, NBS, UMT, UOL, IoBM that also have world class standards. Accept it.

    • Abdul Moiz

      I totally agree with u bro. There are many other good unis.

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      Jealous person found on planet earth .LUMS is the best university. Accept it or die.

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