Yanny or Laurel? This Viral Audio Clip is Driving the Internet Insane

Remember the picture of a dress that tore the internet in two? Some people thought that it was blue whereas other thought that it was gold. That dress divided people and led to a lot of debate about who among us was right or wrong.

And now, it seems like we have a new challenger in this department. An audio snippet is circulating around Twitter and it threatens to reignite the same controversy as that dress did.

The Audio Clip

A high school student shared this audio clip that contains two syllables over Reddit recently. The clip was quickly shared on Twitter and went viral in no time. It has become something of a collective sensory experiment.

Before we proceed any further, put your speakers or headphones on and hear it for yourself:

So what did you hear? Did you hear the clip say Yanny? Or was it Laurel? Why not listen to it a few more times just to be sure.

Origins of the Clip

The clip was first recorded by Roland Szabo, an 18-year-old high schooler from Georgia, USA. He says that he recorded it from a vocabulary website and didn’t know that it could go on to become the next big social media obsession.

He first played it in front of his friends and teachers, with all of them finding hard to agree whether the clip said ‘Yanny or ‘Laurel’.

The clip became so famous that many celebrities shared it as well. Even newspapers are running online polls asking their readers to identify what word they heard in the clip.


The clip has spawned all sorts of hilarious reactions that poke fun at the opposing camp. Here are some of them:

And then of course, all roads lead to #TheDress that started it all.

So what do you think? 

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  • At Sehri, it was Laurel. At Aftari, it was Yanny. What’s going on in this world?

  • Such bullsh*t is spread to move people away from whatever important is happening in the world like for example falastin issue.

    By the way i heard neither yanny or laurel. I hear Yemmi.

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