PEMRA Warns Various TV Channels Against Airing Foreign Content

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA) has banned as many as seven channels from airing certain programs. The authority found these channels guilty of violating the Supreme Court as well as PEMRA’s guidelines, for which they were issued warning letters.

The list includes both local and foreign TV channels.

Programs from foreign channels such as BBC, Voice of America (VoA), and Deutsche Welle were also found in violation of guidelines put by the country’s electronic media watchdog.

Here is the complete list of channels who got warned, as well as the ‘illegal’ programs that they aired.

Aaj TV

The channel was banned for airing “View 360” program produced by VoA and “Sairbeen” by BBC without seeking PEMRA’s permission.


Islamabad High Court Bans Reward Shows in Ramzan

Express News

PEMRA issued Express News with a notice for airing DW Sawal program produced by the German channel DW. Here is a copy of the letter sent to the channel.

TV One

TV One was sent a show cause notice for offering Umrah tickets by “disgracing the participants in sheer disregard of their self-esteem.”

Bol News

The channel was sent a letter for airing the “Games Show Aesy Chaly ga With Nabeel” program.


PEMRA Issues Show-Cause Notice to a TV Channel for Airing “Obscene Content”

ARY Digital

ARY Digital was warned for airing the game show “Jeeto Pakistan” in violation of Islamabad High Court’s orders.


The channel was sent a show cause notice for airing an Indian drama serial “Kasam”.

Geo Kahani

The show cause notice was sent to Geo Kahani for airing an Indian drama named “Kum Kum Bhagya”.

  • Just Show Cause Notices and Nothing Else, even PEMRA Can’t stopped the transmission.
    Many Channels airing Indian Turkish Darama and changed the name of Drama.
    Many Channels airing Game Show in Ramadan.
    Many Social Site, Apps, DoDear TimePass, Etc showing Indian Drama.
    All Pakistani Public Specially Women Knows it.
    Who cares :
    Just One Step.
    Banned life time this all channels who have been broken up the rules of PEMRA and Court. & Make them Fine in to Billions Amount.
    After the payment & undertaking then give them permission to launch channels.
    Else, This Is Pakistan Aur Yaha Sub Chalta hai :)

    • Not to mention the fact that whenever PEMRA takes bold actions against these media giants, they end up getting stay order from courts.

  • I’m incredibly thankful for the internet. Without it we’d be stuck in the backward confines of this totalitarian country. It’s getting very hard to live here for those who are not religious.

      • I don’t get any direct money. Just the salty salty tears of butt hurt commenters like yourself.

        • khya tum comments likhnay ka lia apnay butt ko tears kertay ho ..khya ajeeb shock ha tumhara…………..

    • if you’re not religious then you’d not have shame like words in your dictionary,,
      as Quran says
      If you dont feel ashamed then do whatever you want..

      • Just one query? Does quran mention anything about banning things which dont agree about quran? Read and understand quran first before justifying anything. You are not a Muslim i dare say.

        • In fact its your own ignorance that is on full display here.

          The Islamic deen is complete with Quraan combined with Sunnah — so unless you are a munkir-e-hadeeth, there are countless examples in ahadeeth where foreign traditions were heavily chastised — let me give you just one example.

          When someone of the huge stature of Hazrat Omer RA brought a parchment of Tiorah in front of Prophet Muhammed and recited it, the Prophet became red with anger, and sharply told Omer not to talk of even other divine scripture after the coming of Quraan.
          So yes, ex-Pakistani (thankfully for us as well since we got rid of this one piece of crap), anything that violates the spirit and words of Quraan and sunnat is indeed supposed to be stopped in the only country in the world that was formed for a religion in the name of La ila ha ill’Allah.
          Since you are an ex-Pakistani, why bother with your ex-country, please pollute your current country and join them in your revelry.

        • oh yeah another disguised molvi trying to impose his beliefs and labeling everyone else as non believers..
          by the way if Quran doesnt forbid you from something does that necessarily mean that you’re allowed to do that??

        • oh yeah another disguised molvi trying to impose his beliefs and labeling everyone else as non believers..
          by the way if Quran doesnt forbid you from something does that necessarily mean that you’re allowed to do that??

    • People who dont progress, ban everything. You are exactly true. Thanks for the internet.

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