Empowering to Lead the Youth: Fatima Group Completes Recruitment Drive for 2018

We all have had fun at the career fairs and attended a lot of job hunt events, but we have never heard or witnessed a recruitment campaign of such a magnanimous scale. Stretching from Khyber to Sindh, students across Pakistan became part of a unique hiring experience at Fatima Group.

With a refreshed look and inspired tagline, Fatima Group launched “Empower to Lead” (E2L), one of the largest campaigns across Pakistan for hiring Management Trainee Officers (MTOs) and Graduate Trainee Engineers (GTEs). The management and engineering students competed for a limited number of positions representing various academic disciplines including HR, Marketing, Supply Chain, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics and more.

Empower to Lead

The E2L journey started in February 2018 from the heart of Pakistan, Karachi, spreading through Punjab and all the way to Peshawar. With 13 universities and over 2500 students, Empower to Lead become one of the largest Corporate Recruitment Drives. The recruitment drive encompassed various aspects of hiring from academic tests to customized testing metrics to interactives games. The participants were provided a glimpse of corporate world and expectations in a nutshell.

So what was truly different about this recruitment campaign? Fatima Group’s team had a completely fun and different take on the hiring practice. The traditional way of interviewing and screening was made engaging, interactive and learning at all stages. As students went through various stages, only the toughest and the brightest survived!

The cherry on top was Fatima Group opening its doors to a large group of students who were invited at one of their manufacturing sites for three days. Yes! That’s the first ever too. As the students roamed the busy corridors, sat in the boardrooms and witnessed manufacturing processes, they were left motivated and inspired. The participants were not only learning from the best in the field, they were treated with lavish 5 course dinners, a friendly cricket match and a taste of life at Fatima.

Fatima Group Empower to Lead

The successful completion of the Empower to Lead program is a glimpse of how professional teams can execute a routine recruitment campaign and turn into an experience of a lifetime. As we congratulate the selected MTOs and GTEs, we strongly recommend future grads to be prepared for what the team at Fatima Group brings next year!