Here’s How Vivo is Using AI to Make Your Photos Look Better

Vivo, a photography focused smartphone brand, shows us exactly how AI can revolutionize photography with its latest V9 smartphone. Vivo understands how the smartphone has turned the photo into the ultimate expression for capturing and sharing one’s life. Statista reported that 85% of all photos in 2017 were taken on a smartphone.

Smartphones have made quality photography more accessible, mobile and convenient, but the arrival of AI is set to raise the level of simplicity even higher. The emergence of AI gives mere amateur photographers the ability to effortlessly create the perfect photo. Today’s tech allows us to detect, understand and process all given situations and preferences so that we don’t have to think, we just shoot.


Vivo Unveils the AI-Powered ‘V9’ with a FullView Display in Pakistan

Here are three key ways that V9’s AI technology is enhancing photography today through automation —  lighting, focus and editing.

AI Lighting – AI HDR

Vivo V9 AI HDR

Lighting—the one thing that has the power to make picture-perfect snaps but also can be the curse that can ruin those magical moments. Even non-technical mainstream media like Business Insider and BuzzFeed are providing tips on how to light the perfect selfie for their audiences. Vivo’s AI identifies and adjusts different exposure levels for different components in the photo and produces the perfect lighting for each of them.

The Vivo V9 uses AI HDR to achieve this by combining its knowledge of a good photo with the understanding of specific lighting properties of individual elements of a photo. The result is the ideal lighting for every part of the photo by applying and adjusting the lighting gathered from multiple exposure frames.

The AI Selfie Lighting function can even allow users to adjust the style of lighting even after the photo is taken.

AI Focus – AI Bokeh

AI can now make sure your subjects grab the spotlight. With AI you can more accurately blur the unwanted parts of the photo and keep the subject in focus more naturally. You’ll never have to fear those terrible backgrounds again with AI Bokeh.

The Vivo V9’s 16MP + 5MP dual camera is supported by an AI Bokeh algorithm which allows it to adjust and create the perfect focus for any photo. Vivo has developed its AI with key industry experts to make bokeh shots look more natural. V9 detects depth of field data, which is processed by the AI to automatically place accurate and natural looking bokeh effects, even while the user is still framing the shot.

The V9’s AI Bokeh can even allow you to shoot first and focus later. This means that you no longer need to be limited by the shot itself to personalize the focus of the photo.

AI Editing – AI Face Beauty

VIVO AI Face Beauty

With Vivo V9’s AI, users won’t ever have to fear dark circles or bags under their eyes again, nor will they need to fear over-doing the beautification either. AI promises picture-perfect edits the moment the shot is captured.

The V9’s AI is powered by a database of millions of photos to produce stunning results. It learns how people perceive beauty for a certain sex, age and skin tone in different countries to automatically perform a variety of color adjustments and skin smoothing to produce results tailored to the specific user. If you ever want to take that “just woke-up” photo with no makeup and bed-head and still look fabulous to your followers, the V9’s AI knows exactly what beautification settings and effects that you and your friends like.

AI to Transform Photography?

AI may not quite turn the selfie-obsessed amateur into a complete sharp-shooting pro, but it will bring us much closer. Vivo V9’s AI technology is set to take photography to a whole new level of professional capability that was simply beyond most consumers’ reach before.

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