Cyber Alert: DG ISPR Warns About Scammers Using ISPR’s Name With Malicious Intent

Director General Inter Services Public Relations (DG ISPR), Major General Asif Ghafoor has alerted his countryfolk about a cyber attack that fraudulently uses ISPR’s identity to spread fake information and for phishing purposes.

In a tweet from his personal account, Gen Asif Ghafoor said that this new cyber attack is being used for phishing purposes and that despite its name, it has nothing to do with ISPR.

DG ISPR said,

A malicious email is sent from [email protected] using name of ISPR. It is clarified that this is a phishing email which has no link to ISPR. If received please don’t open it, report it as spam and delete.

How to Avoid This Phishing Attack

Gen Ghafoor mentioned that the attackers are using ISPR’s name and that users are advised not to open the email. Instead, they should mark it as spam and delete it at once.


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He further advised against providing any information to the ‘[email protected]’ email, saying that:

If opened inadvertently please don’t click on any link asking for information to be entered into a form or to unsubscribe. Clicking any link can compromise security of your PC / cell phone / iPad etc.

Asif Ghafoor informed that ISPR does not own any dot Press domain and that “ISPR’s official domain name is There is no other domain.”

Users are advised to share this message so that no one falls victim to this phishing scam.

  • What does PTA Job ?
    Ye Q Chalne Dete hai Aise Domain, IP Track Kar K Q Nahi Pakarte :
    Yahi Middle Class Non Political Wale Kare to Wo Jail Main Honge !

      • Means Pakistan Government / Private IT Sector didn’t have skill to stop unwanted / fake etc IP tracking or stopping ?

        Pakistan IT sector free from hacking’sss ?

        • Its not about skills. Its technically not possible to stop this.

          Email is generated (most probably) from outside country and deliver to a mailbox (e.g gmail) which is hosted outside country.

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