Youm-e-Takbeer: Pakistanis Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Nuclear Tests on Social Media

Today marks the 20th anniversary when Pakistan became the only Muslim-majority country to become a nuclear power.  The day, that is 28th May, is commemorated as “Youm-e-Takbeer” every year to remember the nuclear tests that Pakistan conducted back in 1998. Pakistan became only the 7th country in the world to have the nuclear power capabilities.

India conducted the nuclear tests a few years before Pakistan after which it became inevitable for Pakistan to build its own nuclear arsenal. The primary reason behind this move was to avoid any military suppression from any country, including India, and maintain a regional balance of power.

The Nuclear Tests

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan played the pivotal role in making Pakistan’s ambitions of becoming a nuclear power a reality. In response to India’s five nuclear tests, Pakistan successfully conducted its tests in Rasko hills of Chaghi district of Balochistan.


We Are Confident in Pakistan’s Ability to Deter Nuclear Threats: NCA

Pakistan’s foreign office released a clear-cut statement that Pakistan is a peace-loving and peaceful country. However, any retaliation against the sovereign state will result in an equally furious response, the statement added.

The foreign office at the time said;

Pakistan remains confident of its ability to deny space for any misadventure against the backdrop of rapidly expanding nuclear and conventional forces in its neighbourhood, deployment of BMD and pursuit of aggressive security doctrines and developing force postures.


Pakistan is the First Country in South Asia to Test the “Ultimate Nuclear Missile”

Here is a look at the nuclear tests as we walk down memory lane;

Pakistanis, on social media, are celebrating the day with zeal and fervor. Let’s see how Twitter is reacting to it;

Shoaib Malik, the Pakistan Cricket Team batsmen, told how unity can prove influential in achieving anything;

  • one of the happiest days of my life 28th May 1998, However, saddens me to the fact that our responsibility increased being a nuclear state, they way we have been silent our the atrocities in Syria makes we feel sometime ashamed, it is better to die then carrying the guilt of negligence/ silence towards Muslim world. I wish it was indeed a “Muslim” bomb..

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