5 Best Free Antivirus Software to Keep Yourself Protected

Keeping your laptop or PC safe from viruses should be your top priority if you are looking forward to using your computer system for a long time. ProPakistani has compiled a list of 5 best free antivirus software that do wonders when it comes to securing your systems.

You may have a number of questions in your mind like, ‘What are the 5 best free antivirus software?’, ‘Which is the best free antivirus software of 2018?’ or even ‘ Should I go for free antivirus software or paid versions?’ and whatnot.

Fortunately, there is a plethora of freely available anti-virus software which you can use to keep yourself protected. The bad thing (or a good thing if you look at it from another perspective), is that there are so many quality antivirus software free of cost that it becomes hard for us to choose the best one.

Ranking Criteria

Before looking at the list, let’s have a look at the ranking criteria. The free antivirus software were tested for each of the following to come up with summarized results. Both AV-C score and PC Mark score were used to compute an overall impact score; the lower the impact score the better the results.

  • File copying
  • Archiving/unarchiving
  • Installing/uninstalling applications
  • Launching applications
  • Downloading files
  • Browsing Websites

5 Best Free Antivirus Software

Here is a list of 5 best free antivirus software that we have compiled for your convenience.

1. K7 Free Antivirus

K7 Computing’s antivirus products are freely available for trial and the tests have shown K7 products to be super efficient when it comes to computer security.

K7 offers the following products which are free of cost:

  • K7 Antivirus Premium
  • K7 Total Security
  • K7 Ultimate Security
  • K7 Secure Web
  • K7 Internet Security
  • K7 Mobile Security

AV-C Score: 90

PC Mark Score: 98:0

Impact Score: 2.0

Download K7 Free Antivirus here.

2. ESET Free Antivirus

ESET also offers a variety of antivirus solutions for your systems and all of the below-mentioned products are freely available.

  • ESET Multi-device Security
  • ESET Internet Security
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus
  • ESET Smart Security Premium
  • ESET Smart Security

AV-C Score: 85

PC Mark Score: 98.5

Impact Score: 6.5

Download ESET Free Antivirus here.

3. Avast Free Antivirus

Winning multiple awards, Avast is one of the most trusted names when it comes to system security. It is easily customizable to meet the needs of the user and is the go-to option for millions of users worldwide which speaks highly of its credibility.

The best thing about Avast free antivirus is that it doesn’t slow down your computer while providing top-notch security.

AV-C Score: 85

PC Mark Score: 98.3

Impact Score: 6.7

Download Avast Free Antivirus here.

4. Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Based on multiple test results, Bitdefender scored astonishing marks, beating its counterparts on almost all fronts. Except website browsing, Bitdefender is considered to be the very best tool for securing your systems.

The best thing about Bitdefender free antivirus software is its user-friendly interface despite having almost all of the important features an antivirus software must have. Its minimal design allows it to be super-fast while offering all the necessary specs.

AV-C Score: 85

PC Mark Score: 98.1

Impact Score: 6.9

Download Bitdefender Free Antivirus here.

5. Kaspersky Lab Free Antivirus

Kaspersky is the specialist when it comes to avoiding false alarms and acing the real world performance tests.

If you are looking for a lightweight, efficient and reliable free antivirus software, Kaspersky is one of the best choices for you.

AV-C Score: 85

PC Mark Score: 97.8

Impact Score: 7.2

Download Kaspersky Free Antivirus here.

Source: AV-Comparatives

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