SBP Releases Branch Codes For Issuance of Fresh Currency Notes for 2018

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has issued codes of banks’ e-branches for customers seeking fresh currency notes of various denominations for celebrating Eid ul Fitr by giving cash gifts.


According to details, the central bank has extended the network of e-branches from 1,000 last year to 1,532 e-branches in 2018, where customers will be able avail fresh currency notes for Eid Ul Fitr.


SBP to Issue Fresh Currency Notes From 1st June, 2018

The number of cities, where customers can get fresh currency notes, has been also increased from 120 to 132.

An individual can obtain three (03) packets of Rs.10,one packet each of Rs. 50 and Rs. 100 as per availability of stock.

How and Where to Send SMS

Under this facility, an individual may send an SMS message, comprising of his/her 13 digits CNIC number along with the desired branch ID.

A reference text message will look like this:

31302-0583986-3 (space) KHI005 and send this to 8877

KH1005 is a branch code, that can be obtained from the list below.

Please Note: SMS Service will be enabled from June 1st, 2018 and that’s when you should expect a response as well.

After sending this message, the customer will get a response through an SMS, and will be notified with a code that he/she will have to present at the bank for getting fresh currency notes.


In case of no response is received — the quota for fresh currency notes for that particular branch is reached — the customer will have to send a new request with another branch ID.

It must be noted here that customers’ request may not necessarily be entertained as every branch will have a certain quota for the issuance of fresh currency notes.

The charges of SMS are Rs. 1.50 per request.

Branch Codes for Fresh Currency Notes:

You can download the list of branch codes from this PDF file.

Please note that you can pick a branch near your home or office and send it in SMS.

The issuance of fresh currency notes through Mobile SMS service will commence from 1st June and will continue till 14th June, 2018.


  • Please Correct the Year in the following Sentence

    The issuance of fresh currency notes through Mobile SMS service will commence from 1st June and will continue till 14th June, 2018

      • Sent, but no reply. Yes, example shows CNIC no typed without dashes in contradiction to what SBP post shows. I believe it should be without spaces.

        • I believe the service will start from 1st June too, although its not mentioned.

          • Yes bro, so it seems. When people wake up for sehri they will start sending messages. This time its not good. They should have started SMS service.

    • why, why? dont understand why people are obsessed with “fresh notes” in Pakistan? old ones are as good as new ones…….use EZ pissa grow up people

  • Is it compulsory for everyone to get 3 packets of Rs. 10 and single packet of Rs. 50 and 100?
    In other words, can I get packets of my own choice (keeping in mind the range!)?

  • AOA. Did anyone succeeded in getting acknowledgement from SBP?

    If yes, did you type dashes in CNIC no or not?

  • CNIC number should be write with dashes or not?

    my messages are not sending ? can any one help me.

  • cnic number should be written with dashes or not? my service is not working .
    can any one help?

  • mistakenly i delete the message received from sbp which contain transaction number now what should i do

    • Resend msg with same cnic, bank code & mobile number. You will receive your pervious confirmation ID again.
      System slow respond kr raha hy sbp ka time laga ga per a jaya ga 2-3 hours ma.

  • Is it mandatory to make physical appearance to receive this facility or we can collect it by authorise to some one along with original cnic

    • Just coming from there. Got new notes for myself and for my parents also. No need for physical appearance. Just take with you their CNIC (original and copy) with SBP authorization no written on copy.

  • I have sent message a week ago. got no reply till now. just sent messages again from different numbers.. still no reply. what to do? please help

  • I am trying continuiously but every time face the same response “Sending failed”

  • Dear Citizen, we regret to inform you that this branch has reached its Booking Limit. Please select any other nearest e-branch.

  • Salam Bro…. can any one help me about change of branch to collect fresh note??? bcz mistakenly i send a wrong code and they respond me with the branch which is to far for me….. about 55 to 60 Kms far from my residence.. i would like to change it.

  • I am keep receiving this message. I have tried 5 different banks.
    “Dear Citizen, we regret to inform you that this branch has reached its Booking Limit. Please select any other nearest e-branch.”

  • mujy PAC Kamra Attock branck ka ID code please send kr dai fresh notes k lye

  • بھائیوں میں 4 تاریخ سے کوشش کررہا ہوں مگر سوائے موبائل بیلنس ضایئع ہونے کے کچھ فائدہ نہیں ہورہا ہے۔ بکنگ فل ہونے کا مسیج آرہا ہے۔ یہاں تک کہ اسٹیٹ بینک کی مین برانچ کا کوڈ بھی فل بکنگ شو کررہا ہے۔ عجیب انتظام ہے خدایا۔ شاید ایس ایم ایس سے کمارہے ہیں۔

    • Bhai Booking Full Ho gai hai me ne tu 31 May Ko kar deya tha mujhe jab unho 11 june ka time deya hai

  • Thanks ! ! !


    I Received Now my fresh Notes . . .

    Thanks A LOT . . .

  • I sent the msg but they replied we regret that service has reached its full limit. The booking for this service is closed.
    Fazol service fazol methodologies

  • i have lost my msg code as my cell phone got factory reset. how to get my currency notes now.

  • Got this message “ Dear Citizen, we regret to inform you that the service has reached its full limit.The booking for this service is closed now.Thank you.” This is in contradiction as no deadline for booking was mentioned in your circular and yiu have mentioned that the issuance of notes will continue upto 14th june.

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