People in Lahore think Yesterday’s Freak Sandstorm is a Sign of Things to Come [Video]

Many areas of the country, especially Punjab, witnessed pleasant weather conditions yesterday amidst the past few days of intense heat. Parts of the province got some respite with rains, which helped bring the temperatures down.

However, before these rains started, Punjab had to contend with a freak sandstorm across several areas, making many people go over social media with pictures and videos that depicted the sudden change of weather.

Citizens in Lahore were left stunned as a sandstorm engulfed the whole city in a matter of seconds. Heavy gusts of wind shattered windows of a few buildings in the provincial capital as well.

Power Goes Out

The city soon plunged into darkness as the power supply was cut. This happened right after the sandstorm approached the provincial metropolis before Iftar time. According to some reports, power supply in many areas of Lahore is yet to be restored.

People Express Shock and Worry

Over at Facebook and Twitter, many people couldn’t resist sharing images of how the sandstorm took over the city in mere moments.

Take a look at some of the pictures and people’s reaction from yesterday’s sandstorm as temperatures dropped from 40°C to 24°C.

You can clearly see in this photo how the weather completely changed in just four minutes.

Sandstorm in lahore

Via Ahmad Awais

Climate change is real and this is not going to get better unless we do something about it:

The visibility reached near zero at one point.

This is Lahore’s version of Interstellar.


Most of us are wondering the same:

This video accurately captures how people are seen taking shelter as the storm approaches the city.

Here are some more photos from yesterday in Lahore that show how scary the sandstorm was.

Sandstorm in lahore

Sandstorm in lahore

Injuries and Casualties

As any as 4 people, including 2 minors, lost their lives as visibility reached zero in the area.

About 17 people were reported to be injured as well. Two PIA aircraft were grounded for inspection at the Lahore Airport after the storm resulted in damage to the planes.

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