Two PIA Aircraft Got Hit by Ground Vehicles in Today’s Storm in Lahore [Pictures]

Due to heavy storm followed by rain in Lahore this evening, at least two Pakistan International Airlines aircraft collided with ground equipment at Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore.

Accidents occurred when very strong winds jolted almost everything at the airport and two aircraft came in the way of ground vehicles, severely damaging the body of both the aircrafts that were parked at Lahore airport.

A PIA spokesperson confirmed the incident and said that both the aircraft are grounded after technical inspection.

According to sources PIA flight PK654 was ready to fly to Islamabad at Lahore airport while PK244 — originally flying from Damam to Sialkot — was diverted to Lahore airport due to thunderstorm which hit Punjab on Tuesday evening.

Weather got severe with gusty winds just before Iftar that followed by light rain in the area.

Sources confirmed ProPakistani that heavy winds caused an Ambulift (special ambulance designed to shift passengers with medical conditions in or out from aircraft) to become out of control and hit the PIA aircraft parked at bay.

In another incident, during the same time, a passenger step hit the engine of another aircraft.

Both the aircraft suffered severe damage during the accidents and will not be able to fly without proper repairs.

Pictures obtained by ProPakistani show that both the planes are no more airworthy. Pictures clearly show that the Ambulift not only damaged the body of the Airbus 320 but has made a sizable hole in the aircraft body.

Passenger step, in another separate incident, hit the front part of engine of an aircraft.


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It is yet not clear if both the vehicles, that hit the aircraft, were driven by some operator or they were just parked at the time of the incident.

PIA Aircraft

PIA Aircraft hit

PIA Aircraft Got Hit

It must be mentioned here that PIA has no facility at Lahore airport to repair the aircraft body and a team of engineers will fly from Karachi with parts to fix these aircraft.

As per sources, the repair work is likely to take 2 to 3 days, during which PIA flight operation will reportedly be impacted badly.

  • “and a team of engineers will fly from Karachi with damaged parts to fix these aircraft.”

    Yes, they will replace damaged parts with more damaged parts.
    +1 for PIA for replacing with damaged parts
    +2 for ProPK for proofreading their articles

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