JW Forland Inaugurates Auto Assembly Plant in Lahore [in Pictures]

JW Forland Automotive has inaugurated its state-of-the-art assembly plant in the provincial metropolis of Punjab. The new assembly plant at Lahore will strengthen JW’s foothold in the commercial vehicles’ market segment, whose demand is expected to spike due to CPEC.

The company is aiming to manufacture environmentally-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles in Pakistan. It is also focused on creating more jobs in the local market.

The president of the JW Group had this to say during the inauguration:

Here at JW Forland automotive line, we turn automotive dreams and aspirations into reality, enabling our partners among the most innovative car makers in the world to lightweight their vehicles, thereby curbing fuel-consumption and emissions in use.

CEO of JW Forland Alex and CEO of Haier Javed Afridi attended the ceremony as well. Mr. Alex added that JW’s assembly line will help Pakistan’s industry by creating more environment-friendly vehicles. Mr. Javed Afridi also appreciated the Chinese investment in the country that is helping create more jobs and strengthen Pakistan’s economy.


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Pictures from the Inauguration

You can check out pictures of the inauguration ceremony and the assembly plant in full swing here:

JW Auto Assembly Plant Lahore

JW Auto Assembly Plant Lahore


JW Auto Assembly Plant Lahore


JW operates in more than 60 countries and is known for its quality commercial vehicles.