Najam Sethi: New Zealand Has Agreed To Play In Pakistan In Theory

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman has once again hinted that New Zealand can tour Pakistan sometime later this year.

In an interview, Najam Sethi said that the New Zealand management, in theory, has already agreed but nobody has put pen to paper yet.

New Zealand, in theory, have said yes, they will consider our request, provided we think the security is OK. If that is the case, they may play one or two games in Pakistan.


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Following the terrorist incident in 2009, Pakistan has waited almost 9 years for the return of cricket on home soil and this can be a huge breakthrough.

Sethi added:

If we can get New Zealand to come and play, then I believe we have a good case to make with Australia who could follow on the heels of their neighbours.

If both Australia and New Zealand come to play even one or two games in Pakistan, then by the time it is time for our home series with England, we could persuade them to play in Pakistan too.

If Pakistan can manage a series against big teams and ensure that normality has been restored then, finally, other international players will not hesitate to play in Pakistan in Pakistan Super League (PSL) final games — or hopefully, all of PSL in Pakistan.

Sethi claimed that 5 years was his timeline and over a year down the road, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, World XI and West Indies have already visited Pakistan, not to mention the international PSL players as well. He added:

So, you can almost say that most of the world’s top players, barring some notable exceptions, have already played a match or two in Pakistan and my sense is that this trend will continue.

Zarar is the Editor of Sports and Auto section at ProPakistani.