Rahmat Group is Launching Electric Cars in Pakistan This Year

The world – slowly but steadily – is moving towards a sustainable future and this means that the automobile shift will be towards emission-free cars. The global market for electric cars will reach 35% in the coming two decades.

Anticipating a huge demand in the humble Pakistani market as well, Rahmat Group is bringing electric cars to Pakistan.

The Group has signed as much as 14 technical collaboration agreements and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with different Chinese companies in the recent months. This includes agreements with:

  • Electric Power Technology Co,
  • Jiangzi Technical Vehicles Manufacturing Co Ltd,
  • Jiangsu Fuan Technologies,
  • Louyang Xinguang Lithium Science and Technology Co Ltd,
  • Zhehang Shangi Tianying Vehicle Industries,
  • Yangzhou Daojue New Energy Development Co Ltd,
  • Haohong Motors,
  • Weifang Shandong Electric Power Technology Co Ltd,
  • Shanghai Shenlong Bus Co Ltd,
  • Wuxi Shengbao Electric Vehicle Co Ltd, and
  • Base Ningbo Foreign Trade Co Ltd.

The agreements include the establishment of Electrical Complex at Nooriabad.


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The Electrical Complex

According to Shaukat Qureshi – Chief Operating Officer of Rahmat Group – the Group has already acquired 25 acres of land for the complex. The complex will begin with manufacturing electric/battery powered buses. The company will then enter the two-wheeler electric market as well once it progresses.

As per the reports, Rahmat Group will partner with two Chinese manufacturers to turn its plans into a reality. The COO added:

All arrangements have been firmed up with the partners concerning plants, machinery, and equipment. immediate production would be under SKD followed by CKD as per the localisation program of Auto Policy 2016-2021. However for introduction, immediate imports of the desired units would be conducted within the 3-4 months.

The company also plans to develop lithium batteries for buses, cars and two-wheelers.

The group expects to come up with a model within first 4-6 months after its business initiation. The Rahmat Group has signed two agreements with two different Chinese companies. One company will handle the electric car production while the other will assemble electric vans, trucks etc.

The government recently reduced taxes on electric vehicles and Rahmat Group plans to take the lead in making the most of it.

Via Dawn

  • Kind of Misleading, when you see TESLA in the Picture and reading through reveals Chinese Cars..

  • just one problem

    14 … FOURTEEN MoUs signed

    and we still haven’t seen the release OR even a simple teaser of even ONE cheap, affordable chinese car

    this is plain stupid and typical lethargy as is evident in Pakistan

  • Tesla, Uber, Grab, etc., etc., all adhere to the United Nations Safety Commission on Road Safety, have you noticed anything or are you interested in Road Safety in Pakistan or Karachi which also includes building up Bicycle Track on all roads of Karachi so that bicycle riders could ride safely.

  • Congratulation Mr. Aitzaz Hassan to divulging the sponsored/advertised article to the readership of Tesla local production/assembly SKD in Nooriabad. This would be a great contribution to FDI in Pakistan when Tesla has JV with Rahmat Group. Important is Li-Ion battery production in Pakistan is a milestone which is the only complex issue, as most Li-Ion battery raw material is engaged worldwide by Chinese, and European companies for good. The most important thing is battery technology, and battery raw material integration at the poduction site NooriAbad. About the structure body is child game, thousands, and thousands of Chinese companies are integrators with the body and look for the main source of battery, battery technology, battery quality, battery recycling, battery reliability, etc., etc. Billions and billions of Yuan subsidy is ear marked by the respective Chinese Federal Authorities for subsidy in EV’s, transport mdedia., which will lapse in few years. I’m sure Rahmat Group has entered a bi-lateral treaty with respective Chinese authorities for local production, marketing, sales, assembling, licensing, export to the regional markets of bilateral treaty with FTA/PTA which Pak-China treaty had ratified. This will change the scenario of Pakistan compliant to major issue of Road Safety of the United Nations which I believe is not adhered to in Pakistan, with the number of un-documented pollution, accidents, injuries, deaths, etc., etc. The Bicycle Track should be first laid on all roads, to allow people to preven congestion, pollution to use bicycles, rather their own motor cycles. My heartiest greetings to Rahmat Group and Pro Pakistan on the spirit of the great initiative, which is eagerly waited for. I suggest to invite Mr. Elon Musk to Pakistan and Chinese premier on the inaugural session in Karachi. Pakistan Zindabad.

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